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About Us


"TLC is a strategic leader and partner with all areas of the University in the achievement of this vision. The following diagram illustrates how an ecology of “Innovation” and Teaching and Learning Quality Assurance and Improvement can be considered across the three areas of curriculum, pedagogy and space*. (With the outlying circle representing the essential connection needed across these three areas). The overarching goal being teaching and learning enhancement (as influenced by technology as fit for purpose) and inclusive of appropriate OBE curriculum structures for Liberal Arts Education."





Teaching and Learning Enhancement                      

*the term Space incorporates three dimensions;
1. Physical space in which learning occurs (e.g.: classroom, lecture hall, studio..etc) and associated equipment (chairs/tables/projectors..etc)
and infrastructure (such as Wi-Fi) that supports learning.
2. Virtual space such as the Moodle Learning Management system and;
3. Informal learning spaces such as the Library, student halls, canteen, social media and areas that students congregate
socially outside formal lesson times.


Mission, Values and Responsibilities

Outlined below are the mission, values and responsibilities of the TLC. The overarching conceptual approach aligns with the strategic intention of the University to develop a learning and teaching culture with consideration for thoughtful and intelligent learning design. This approach values the context of Liberal Arts education as distinctive and unique and promotes the deliberate inclusion of technology for the enhancement of the quality of learning, teaching and assessment.


The mission of the TLC is;

  • to drive teaching and learning quality enhancement across the University
  • to enhance the quality of liberal arts education programmes delivery through adopting innovative pedagogies and student-centered educational methodologies
  • to collaborate with Faculties, Departments and Units to develop an engaging, personalized and digitally enriched OBE Liberal Arts Education
  • to develop a culture that values and utilizes evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning enhancement


As a Team, TLC places value on the following:

  • INNOVATIVE - Creative in our thinking, yet rigorous in our approach, we drive and lead change and innovation in teaching and learning.
  • IMPACTFUL - Focusing on outcomes, we challenge ourselves to be self-reflective and our collaborative manner enhances our impact on those around us.
  • INCLUSIVE - We are stronger when working together as a professional respectful team that embraces the diversity and skill set of all.


The TLC as the central learning and teaching development unit of Lingnan University has the following responsibilities;

  • to lead the development of University-wide strategic policy in learning and teaching in line with the Strategic Plan      
  • to assist in the development and implementation of innovative pedagogy and curriculum
  • to provide a comprehensive professional development programme in order to achieve learning and teaching quality assurance and improvement
  • to promulgate best practices in curriculum and course design in the context of Outcomes Based Education (OBE) and Technology Enhanced Learning
  • to collect, analyze, and disseminate teaching and learning related data to support strategic planning, decision-making, academic program development and evaluation
  • to provide support to students for the use of technology related learning resources and activities so as to provide a rich learning environment through innovative and effective use of technologies
  • to foster and build communities for sharing of good practices and collaboration in learning and teaching

TLC Strategic Plan 2020

PDF TLC Strategic Plan (Overview)

PDF TLC Strategic Plan (Full Version)



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