Plagiarism Minimization and Detection

For Staff Members

In order to prevent and detect students from plagiarism, Turnitin, a plagiarism detection program incorporated in Moodle, has been instituted as a mandatory platform for submitting writing assignments for all courses at Lingnan, starting from Term 2, 2016-17.

Teachers are required to create writing assignments of their courses with Turnitin for students’ submission. Here below are some related resources:

· How to create assignments with Turnitin (link)

· How to read Turnitin originality reports (link)

· Workshop on Plagiarism and Turnitin (video recording) (link)

· Hands-on Guide #1 – Turnitin, Plagiarism and Assessment (link)

· Focus on Learning #1 – Plagiarism: A Guide for Educators [PDF download] (link)

· TurnItIn official Instructor Manual (link)


Online Tutorial on Plagiarism Awareness (link)

Although only the new undergraduate students starting from 2016-17 intake are required to complete the tutorial, all students are encouraged to study the materials and can retrieve the materials as many times as necessary.



Turnitin and Moodle: ITSC (Tel: 2616-7995, email: [email protected])