In the late 90’s, driven by research on metacognition, there was a move towards learner-centred pedagogies along with the adoption of learning portfolios that are intended to focus on students' personal learning journey over the span of their study period. With the emergence for online technologies and systems, learning portfolios evolved into on-line ePortfolios OR in this instance an iPortfolio (“Industry” and / or “Individual” / Personalised Online Portfolio). These online Portfolios were often lauded as a powerful pedagogical tool that can be typically used with the dual intention of:

  1. encouraging critically self-reflective lifelong learning; and
  2. gathering evidence of broad skills and competencies that may enhance future employment prospects.


The iPortfolio will provide a customised personal learning environment for students that connects to and complements the Learning Management System (LMS) and offers them a way to map and record their personal journey via portfolio artefacts and learning and career planning resources. It supports the enhancement of teaching via the provision of learning analytics to the teacher and enhances institutional assessment and accreditation practices via outcomes and potential graduate attributes mapping. 


Mahara DEMO


Lingnan University currently uses the Mahara system for an ePortfoilio - https://mahara.ln.edu.hk/ . It can be used concurrently with the MOODLE Learning Management System. The Mahara system is a customizable open-source system that allows flexibility in approach and implementation.


Official Mahara 22.10 manual



SELF-HELP GUIDES have been developed for STUDENTS

  • How to login to Mahara (PDF)
  • How to create a set of pages with a cover page (PDF)
  • How to create a new ePortfolio (PDF)
  • How to insert a RSS feed into a page (PDF)
  • How to insert multimedia into your ePortfolio (PDF)
  • How to upload a video to YouTube and embed it in Mahara (PDF)
  • How to join a course group (PDF)
  • How to post a topic in a group forum (PDF)
  • How to set up your own profile (PDF)
  • How to share an ePortfolio with your course group members (PDF)
  • How to submit your Mahara portfolio assignment in Moodle (PDF)
  • Instruction guide for submitting a Mahara group page (or collection) to Moodle (PDF)