Good Health and Well-Being

Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages is essential to sustainable development.

Lingnan is a caring university, dedicated to in-depth, ground-breaking research and engagement with social problems such as public health and well-being, as well as improving health generally. By promoting gerontechnology, advocating community-based and regional campaigns for the elderly and the needy, carrying out social and volunteer services for the general public, conducting research and adopting innovative solutions, the University serves all members of society and upholds its motto ‘Education for Service’.

Lingnan University SDG Report

LU-HKSTP Gerontechnology Symposium: Promoting Integrated Gerontech Solutions for Better Elderly Living

The half-day event promoted cross-sectoral dialogues in adopting technology appropriate for smart ageing and value creation of integrated gerontech solutions to improve the living standard of the elderly.

LU videos help older people stay positive and healthy during the pandemic

The “LU Anti-COVID-19 Campaign” features a series of videos including “Chinese medicine food therapy”, “Online exercises” and “Anti-pandemic information” for the elderly to fight against the pandemic with better physical and mental health.

Lingnan Scholars’ International and Comparative Research on Employment, Youth Transition and Well-Being

LU formed a research team to conduct comparative and international research on the massification and privatisation of higher education, the changing social production of labour, youth transition from education to work, and related youth well-being and public policy implications.

LU takes extra efforts to look after students and safeguard their wellbeing

At Lingnan’s hostels housing thousands of local and international students, special arrangements were carried out, including the allocation of special areas for preliminary and confirmed COVID-19 cases, as well as emotional support from counsellors and medical advice from the Chinese Medicine Clinic when the pandemic hit its peak in the city.

LU conducts Impactful Research addressing COVID-19 Crisis

Since COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020, Lingnan scholars have been conducting a wide array of research to address and tackle challenges facing society.

UGC commends Lingnan’s knowledge transfer for strong social impact

The University Grants Committee of Hong Kong appreciates LU’s passion and commitment to driving the creation and adoption of people-centric innovations with high social values.

Postgraduate Research Students’ High Satisfaction with Learning Experience at Lingnan University

The 2021 exit survey recorded 100% satisfaction among MPhil and PhD graduates regarding the learning environment and their overall experience at Lingnan University.

LU joins Jockey Club Age-Friendly City Project to train elderly ambassadors and promote the scheme

The team at APIAS recruited and trained ambassadors from the Islands, Tsuen Wan, Tuen Mun and Yuen Long to serve their own communities and make an impact on others with their positive attitudes.

LU establishes partnership with Culture Homes and Forward Living to promote elderly services and research

The partnership promotes implementation and research of traditional Chinese medicine practice; life-long learning for senior residents; research and development on ageing issues; student services and placement, as well as social innovation and gerontechnology projects.

Distinguished scholars address unemployment protection at IPS and Oxfam Hong Kong’s joint webinar

The Institute of Policy Studies and Oxfam Hong Kong hosted a seminar to examine unemployment and social security in Hong Kong, and offered feasible suggestions to the Government and related organisations.

LU supports Millennium Entrepreneurship Programme (MEP) promoting gerontechnology and social innovation

Lingnan not only offered mentorship and guidance to the participating students in formulating their business idea and proposals, but also conducted workshops and guided tours at the LU Jockey Club Gerontech-X Lab where they learned the actual needs of the elderly and social innovation.

LU gerontechnology project and course train carers and the youth in response to elders’ physical and social needs

LU proactively promotes gerontechnology in partnership with the Hong Kong Jockey Club in the three-year LU Jockey Club Gerontechnology and Smart Ageing Project, including the introduction of Gerontechnology Practitioner Training Course.

Exploring “Medical Social Collaboration: Ageing in Place, Caring with Grace”

Invited by Tuen Mun Hospital Authority, Prof Joshua Mok Ka Ho discussed the importance of gerontechnology and how technology supports the practice of ageing in place and enhances life quality of the elderly and carers.

LU distributes anti-epidemic service packs from Central Government to students

Lingnan University received some 400 anti-epidemic service packs from the Central Government with masks, COVID-19 rapid antigen test kits and SIM cards through the Youth Anti-Coronavirus Link and distributed them to students in need.

LU designs self-assessment test to improve the psychological wellbeing of people in quarantine

Wofoo Joseph Lee Consulting and Counselling Psychology Research Centre designed a self-assessment questionnaire and intervention exercise to help people in quarantine cope better psychologically.

LU holds Jockey Club Age-friendly City Project - Ambassador Recognition Ceremony to encourage active participation of elderly to build an age-friendly community

APIAS organised the Jockey Club Age-friendly City Project – Ambassador Recognition Ceremony to recognise the Project Ambassadors’ active participation in promoting an age-friendly culture in all 18 districts of Hong Kong over the past six years.

NCCU-LU International Research Seminar

The annual seminar, organised by the National Chengchi University College of Education and Lingnan, offers scholars around the world the chance to exchange ideas on the key issues facing higher education, and is directly related to SDG17 (Partnerships for the Goals), to strengthen global partnerships for sustainable development.

Support for Special Educational Needs (SEN) students

LU provides full support and services for students with special needs, from help with learning and career advice to scholarships, and financial assistance for activities and events, ensuring every student has an equal opportunity to learn, enjoy their social life and progress during their studies at Lingnan.

Lingnan University participates in the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation-funded project to promote intergenerational coalition for a better planet

Supported by the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation, LU’s Institute of Policy Studies worked with A Plastic Ocean Foundation and Lumivoce to promote an intergenerational coalition for a better planet.

Lingnan University Joins Hands with Kwai Tsing District Health Centre in promoting Gerontechnology and Tackling Dementia

The LU Jockey Club Gerontechnology and Smart Ageing (GTSA) Project collaborated with the Kwai Tsing District Health Centre (K&TDHC) on community outreach events and a gerontech product showcase on dementia.

LU humanitarian inventions win prestigious international design awards

The Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) received two Golds in the Conceptual Design category of the international MUSE Design Awards for their CREW Wheelchair Control System and 12° Mask.

Award-winning LU Wheelchair Control System assists caregivers and improves safety

The Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) has developed the CREW Wheelchair Control System which intelligently predicts a carer’s intentions so as to better control a wheelchair, improving the safety of both wheelchair users and carers.

Air-Purifier Machine for Sub-divided Households

Using academic knowledge, simple technology and creativity, LU students designed a low-cost air purifier to improve the living standards and environment of the underprivileged and the needy.

LEI Supports Alumni and Entrepreneurs to Achieve SDGs

To support community innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) related projects, the Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) has organised a number of social engagement activities including workshops, training weekend markets and home visits.

Hong Kong in brief : children's subjective well-being

Research for “Hong Kong in brief: children's subjective well-being” is conducted by Prof Stefan Kühner and Prof Maggie Lau, who are collecting Hong Kong data for the third wave of an international survey.

Lingnan volunteers visit Tuen Mun elderly – to cheer them and celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival

In May 2021, volunteers from Lingnan visited 153 elderly people who live near the LU campus, and distributed gift bags with rice dumplings and necessities such as rice and cooking oil to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.

LU survey confirms age-friendly environment critical to productive engagement of older adults

A recent survey conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) confirmed that an age-friendly city framework would help to promote the productive engagement of older adults in Hong Kong.

Application of occupational health psychology theories and evidence-based interventions to reduce work stress and improve workplace safety

Since 2014, researchers from Lingnan’s Department of Applied Psychology have used occupational health psychology theories and practices to conduct empirical research on reducing stress caused by work and to improve safety in Hong Kong.

Productive Ageing and Wellbeing Among the Elderly

A project by the Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies (APIAS) concerning the wellbeing of older people and active ageing, or ageing well, focuses on developing an ageing index.

LU designs reusable transparent anti-COVID-19 face mask to promote barrier-free communication for people with hearing loss

The Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative was invited by The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf to design a transparent ASTM Level 3 face mask based on the needs of hearing-impaired people, and its fully transparent, anti-reflective design makes lip-reading easier.

Lingnan hosts Gerontechnology Conference and marks opening of LU Jockey Club Gerontech-X Lab

Lingnan University organised a two-day Gerontechnology Conference Partnership Strategies for a Collaborative Society forum with distinguished speakers and guests discussing key issues and the development of smart ageing and elderly care.

Autonomous UV-C disinfection robot providing effective and efficient sanitisation

The autonomous UV-C disinfection robot provides 360-degree coverage with ultraviolet rays, and sanitises every corner of a designated venue, preventing the spread of pathogens through the air and on surfaces.

Helping the elderly to prevent COVID-19 with Chinese Medicine

Sponsored by the Chinese Medicine Development Fund and conducted by Lingnan’s Chinese Medicine Clinic, the project teaches elderly service providers to make soups which raise resistance to viruses and disease. Video lectures explain how Chinese methods prevent COVID-19.

Creating an enabling environment for early childhood development

The Public Policy Research Funding Scheme of the Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office supports research showing the mediating roles of parental investment and distress linking poverty and children’s cognitive development.

Gauging the polluting effects of holy smoke

Backed by a HK$500,000 grant from the Environment and Conservation Fund, Prof Paulina Wong is studying ‘Fine particulate matter pollution from incense burning at temples in Hong Kong’.

Monitoring face mask stocks and panic levels with GIS

Six days after the first COVID-19 case in Hong Kong in January 2020, Prof Paulina Wong launched a web-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) dashboard for the public, showing near real-time COVID-19 information and citizens’ stress levels, and where there was the most urgent demand for anti-pandemic commodities.

Survey findings on working from home under COVID-19

A survey conducted by the School of Graduate Studies in April 2020 revealed that over 80 per cent of respondents would prefer to work from home at least one day per week even after the pandemic.

Senior citizens attempt online medical consultations

Assessing the elderly’s perceptions of the COVID-19 outbreak and telemedicine service, the study reveals that over 60 per cent of senior citizens will be willing or very willing to try online medical consultations when the technology is fully developed.

Study reveals over 60% of Hong Kong university students found online learning not as effective as face-to-face teaching

The study also notes that over 85 per cent of respondents hope to resume face-to-face teaching supplemented by online learning after the pandemic.

International students’ learning activities all over the world seriously disturbed by COVID-19

Research on international/non-local higher education students’ physical and psychological wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic finds that nearly 90 per cent of respondents say the outbreak caused “moderate to extreme” disruption to learning activities.

Mobile UV-C system disinfects subdivided flats for less-privileged communities

Project Ultra Violite, supported by the Jockey Club, provided a free, efficient UV disinfection service for 1,000 subdivided flats, preventing the virus from spreading through the units and reducing the risks of household infection and community outbreaks.

Self-assessment test designed for public to tackle emotional stress

A research team led by Prof Siu Oi-ling offers citizens tips on how to protect themselves against disease, and build up resilience and stay positive so as to fight the pandemic.

Fight against COVID-19 with Gerontechnology

This Socialpreneur Incubation Course project offers online activities through videos, Facebook and Zoom for the general public to learn at home, and attracted nearly 200 participants.