Responsible Consumption and Production

Responsible Production and Consumption

The University’s endeavours to minimise waste in consumption and production reach far beyond its campus, and are achieved by research, knowledge transfer activities, and teaching and learning outcomes.

Lingnan University SDG Report

LU Develops Eco-Responsible Furniture-Coffin to Promote Green Funerals

The Lingnan team collaborates with a social enterprise to promote green burial and funerals, and designs furniture that can be conveniently reassembled into sustainable and cost-effective coffins.

Air-Purifier Machine for Sub-divided Households

Using academic knowledge, simple technology and creativity, LU students designed a low-cost air purifier to improve the living standards and environment of the underprivileged and the needy.

LEI Supports Alumni and Entrepreneurs to Achieve SDGs

To support community innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) related projects, Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative has organised a number of social engagement activities including workshops, training weekend market and home visits.

Joint Humanitarian Entrepreneurship Summer Academy 2021 to Achieve SDG Virtually

The programme organised by Office of Service-Learning and Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative gathered students from 13 different countries spreading over 4 continents to address challenges of economic and environmental sustainability.

Gauging the polluting effects of holy smoke

Backed by the Environment and Conservation Fund, Prof Paulina Wong is studying ‘Fine particulate matter pollution from incense burning at temples in Hong Kong’ to examine the areas affected by the PM2.5, or the fine particulate matter emissions from this source.

Campus Sustainability

Lingnan University is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring sustainable development of the campus. The University strives to conserve natural resources, achieve energy efficiency, and reduce our environmental footprint.

Minor in Environmental and Scientific Literacy

This minor course focuses on the development of “science literacy” as a lifelong skill that can be applied to a variety of scientific and technological issues, rather than the mastery of content knowledge in a specific scientific discipline.

Joint Humanitarian Entrepreneurship Summer Academy (SA) 2019 to Achieve SDG

In the summer of 2019, Lingnan University hosted the second edition of the Joint Humanitarian Entrepreneurship Summer Academy, lining up with peers from universities from the US, Kazakhstan, India and others for a rigorous two-week course in Hong Kong.