Sustainable Cities and Communities

There needs to be a future in which cities provide opportunities for all, with access to basic services, energy, housing, transportation and more.

Over the years, Lingnan students and scholars have emphasised the need to build a sustainable society and community by learning activities and research addressing key issues concerning quality of life. We also offer courses and postgraduate programmes that directly answer to the requirements and elements of a sustainable, smart city.

Lingnan University SDG Report

Supporting arts and heritage by strengthening and providing access to local cultural and Heritage - Art exhibition or cultural activities

The University is equipped with a number of facilities, exhibition halls and auditoriums ideal for art and cultural activities open to students, the Lingnan community and the general public.

Supporting arts and heritage by strengthening and providing access to local cultural and Heritage - Lingnan Arts Biennale 2021

Since 2011, the Lingnan Arts Festival has invoked the spirit of the liberal arts, introducing various art forms to enrich the cultural well-being of students, alumni, and staff, as well as the general public.

Supporting arts and heritage by strengthening and providing access to local cultural and Heritage - Artist-in-Residence Student Exhibition

Filmmaker Yan Yan Mak, Artist-in-Residence, led students from the Department of Visual Studies to showcase their work at the STEP BY STEP exhibition at the Leung Fong Oi Wan Art Gallery on Lingnan campus.

Supporting arts and heritage by strengthening and providing access to local cultural and Heritage - Exhibition by Department of Visual Studies

Throughout the years, Lingnan University organises a wide array of art, music and other cultural events for students, the Lingnan community and the general public on campus.

Open spaces and green space

To bond with nature, the landscape management team tries every best to maintain the trees and other plants in good shape and health.

Jockey Club ICH+ Innovative Heritage Education Programme

Through experiential learning that integrates contemporary art methods into traditional craftsmanship, the programme run by Lingnan University and Hong Kong Art School aims to revitalise the intangible cultural heritage of Hong Kong and inherit the folk wisdom of ages.

Exploring and Trekking Hong Kong Historic Cinema Districts

Affiliated with the Department of Visual Studies, the Centre for Film and Creative Industries is devoted to research on creative and media industries, film history, and visual art.

Public talk focusing on Chinese Language and tradition - Lingnan Chinese Culture Programme

The Department of Chinese and the Lingnan Chinese Culture Programme is dedicated to promoting Chinese culture, language and heritage to a wider audience.

Green hostel campaign

A number of programmes and initiatives have been conducted at the ten hostel buildings on Lingnan campus to promote environmental friendliness and sustainability.

Bicycle parking facilities

Students, staff and internal stakeholders of Lingnan University are encouraged to commute by bicycle to reduce carbon footprint.

Lingnan University participates in the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation-funded project to promote intergenerational coalition for a better planet

Supported by the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation, LU’s Institute of Policy Studies worked with A Plastic Ocean Foundation and Lumivoce to promote an intergenerational coalition for a better planet.

Cities and Governance Webinar Series 2021

The Cities and Governance webinar series is directly related to SDG17 (Partnerships for SDG Goals), which aims to strengthen global partnerships for sustainable development.

Housing as an Intergenerational Project Webinar

In the three presentations in this latest webinar from Lingnan University’s Institute of Policy Studies, four international experts discussed the results of their research into different aspects of Housing as an Intergenerational Project.

LU study finds air pollution levels of incense-burning temples far exceeds air quality standards

A recent study conducted by the Science Unit shows that concentrations of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) from incense burning both inside and outside temples may be six and four times respectively that of recommended levels.

New Concentration “Environment and Sustainability”

Concentration on Environment and Sustainability under the Master of Cities and Governance focuses on sustainability and emerging environmental problems, highlighting the unfolding topic on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concepts and planning.

Re:Imagine NTW weekend market showcases LU students’ new ideas for the community

To promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the New Territories West, the Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) of Lingnan University held the Re:Imagine NTW Weekend Market at the Gold Coast in Tuen Mun on 13 June hosting some 500 participants from the public.

Air-Purifier Machine for Sub-divided Households

Using academic knowledge, simple technology and creativity, Lingnan students designed a low-cost air purifier to improve the living standards and environment of the underprivileged and the needy.

LEI Supports Alumni and Entrepreneurs to Achieve SDGs

To support community innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) related projects, Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative has organised a number of social engagement activities including workshops, training weekend market and home visits.

Joint Humanitarian Entrepreneurship Summer Academy 2021 to Achieve SDG Virtually

The programme organised by Office of Service-Learning and Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative gathered students from 13 different countries spreading over 4 continents to address challenges of economic and environmental sustainability.

Webinar on Housing as an Intergenerational Project

Lingnan brought together four experts from different housing contexts to share their observations about intergenerational housing and intergenerational housing assistance to young people from their latest projects.

Master of Cities and Governance

The programme aims to equip students with the type of practical skills and understandings required to tackle the huge challenges facing today’s mega-cities and regions.

LU survey confirms age-friendly environment critical to productive engagement of older adults

A recent survey conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) confirmed that an age-friendly city framework would help to promote the productive engagement of older adults in Hong Kong.

Lingnan hosts Gerontechnology Conference and marks opening of LU Jockey Club Gerontech-X Lab

Lingnan University organised a two-day Gerontechnology Conference Partnership Strategies for a Collaborative Society forum with distinguished speakers and guests discussing key issues and the development of smart ageing and elderly care.

Citizen Scientists – Fostering a biodiversity-friendly city

Apart from conducting research, our scientists enjoy teaching non-science students at Lingnan University, and hope that as graduates they will be able to apply this scientific knowledge to a broad scope of industries and professions.

Autonomous UV-C disinfection robot providing effective and efficient sanitisation

The autonomous UV-C disinfection robot provides 360-degree coverage with ultraviolet rays, and sanitises every corner of a designated venue, preventing the spread of pathogens through the air and on surfaces.

Gauging the polluting effects of holy smoke

Backed by the Environment and Conservation Fund, Prof Paulina Wong is studying ‘Fine particulate matter pollution from incense burning at temples in Hong Kong’ to examine the areas affected by the PM2.5, or the fine particulate matter emissions from this source.

Monitoring face mask stocks and panic levels with GIS

The web-based Geographic Information Systems dashboard shows near real-time COVID-19 information, public health risk in local communities, citizens’ stress levels and where there is the most urgent demand for anti-pandemic commodities.

Campus Sustainability

Lingnan University is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring sustainable development of the campus. The University strives to conserve natural resources, achieve energy efficiency, and reduce our environmental footprint.