Performances & Events

2022-2023 Link Sound Sinfonia Progress Sharing Session

Link Sound Sinfonia Progress Sharing Session is a session for participants of the Link Sound Sinfonia, which is a community project building a harmonious music making environment for the SEN communities and the Lingnan community, to perform and share their learning progress with each other. Students from Instrumental Ensemble played instruments along with different modules tutors and participants, such as guitar module and choir. Some students also performed Chinese orchestral pieces to the audience.

2022-2023 Link Sound Sinfonia Progress Sharing Session

2021-2022 Lingnan Arts Biennale: Music for an Afternoon Tea​

Students from Instrumental Ensemble, along with their instructor Professor Ip, Satur Tiamson and the Hong Kong Metropolitan Pop Orchestra, were invited to host a concert of light music selected from a variety of styles and cultural origins at Kin Sun Square (Skylight Plaza).

2020-2021 End-of-Term Recording Project: Kum Ba Yah

Students from Instrumental Ensemble and Choral Ensemble, with alumni and friends joining alongside, played instruments and sang together. They performed Kum Ba Yah.

End-of-Term Recording Showcases

During the pandemic, students from Instrumental Ensemble played with guest musicians from Metropolitan Pop Orchestra. Together they performed and recorded 倚天屠龍記 and Every Breath You Take.