Mentors & Tutors

Mentors & Tutors

Mr. Arup GUHA

Arup is a professional musician who specializes in tabla, bangla, dhol, khol and kanjira and has been performing in India since 1990. In 2020, he moved to Hong Kong to continue his performing and teaching career. Collaboration partners include The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, In Harmony Arts and Culture (IHAC), City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong (CCOHK) and the Hong Kong Indian Consulate.


Dr. Eliza LAU

Eliza is a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Clinical Psychologists and the Hong Kong Psychological Society. She received a doctoral degree in clinical psychology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2017. Her specialty is in the assessment and intervention of psychological issues in children and adolescents with SEN, which include hyperactivity, attention and impulsive problems, social-skills deficit, as well as conditions resulting from brain injuries like epilepsies and brain tumours.


Mr. Hinson LO

Hinson is the founder of Museek Studio and is also a yoga coach. He established Museek Studio to present unconventional, yet heart-warming musical instruments from across the globe for us to seek and discover a world of possibilities in sound. With passion in learning and sharing his experiences, he often collaborates with local musicians, instrument creators, music therapists and meditation instructors to deliver customized classes and activities.



Kumi is a Japanese percussionist, the founder of Drum Jam and a Village Music Circles global trainer. She has travelled from Africa to the Americas to Asia, learning rhythms to ignite her team-building programs and has shared the stage with leading change-makers and wellness leaders including Jane Goodall, David Beckham, Shiva Rea and Dave Stringer. She recognizes the extraordinary power of the drum as a healing, unifying and motivational tool, which can benefit many people from young to old, corporate to special needs, cancer patients to the elderly.


Ms. Venus NG

Venus is a registered music teacher specializing in SEN education for more than a decade, teaching a variety of SEN students, such as those with ASD, ADHD, mental or intellectual disability. One of the highlights in her role includes setting up the school’s percussion band that won awards at the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival for six years consecutively.


Ms. Gala SHEK

Gala graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts majoring in Erhu. She is a professional erhu player with over seventeen years of performing experiences, which include Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra’s New Generation Mini Concert (2021), 70th Anniversary National Day Gala Performance (2019) and TVB Big Big Channel Slow Jamat Nathan Left Series (2017). She began her career as an erhu teacher seven years ago and has been actively teaching erhu in music centres, multiple secondary and primary schools across Hong Kong, and local welfare organization where there are children with special educational needs.


Mr. Francis WAN

Francis is a renowned professional guitarist who has extensive performance experiences both in Hong Kong and internationally. His interpretation of music is not constrained by his musical background, which allows him to speak with his deep sense of musicality and a delicate tone that expresses great emotions through his wide repertoire, ranging from traditional classical music to accessible pop music. In addition to his performing career, Francis is also actively involved in audio recording, song editing, film music recording and accompanying at live pop concerts, as well as hosting master classes and lectures for different organizations to contribute in promoting guitar music.


Ms. Jiff YUEN

Jiff is a Western African drumming instructor specializing in djembe and dunun. She has studied with multiple overseas professionals, including Famoudou Konate, Bolokada Conde, Bangoura’ke, Babara Bongoura and Billy Konate; and has performed in a variety of large scale shows such as “Forever Grasshopper 06”, Andy Lau’s Birthday Party showcase and the Olympic Parade. Over the years, she directed the youth band Afö and trained new generations of drummers who gained entry to the Hong Kong and Macau Djembe exchange show and qualified in the TTM African drumming exams. Furthermore, she led Tak Sun School’s African drumming ensemble in winning various awards in the Hong Kong Joint School Music Association.