Our Unit is generously supported by Dr. Abraham Wong Tat Chang, Mr. David Wong Tat Kee and Mr. Samuel Wong Tat Sum, the sons of the late Dr. Wong Bing Lai. They are all successful entrepreneurs who have been actively involved in the building construction industry and in property investment, development and management. At the same time, they inherit the legacy of their father of contributing to the local community and education development. The Wong’s family has been a staunch supporter of the University. They have made significant donations to the Lingnan University Development Fund and have sponsored scholarships to local and mainland educational institutions.


About Dr. WONG Bing Lai

Dr. Wong graduated from Lingnan University in Guangzhou in 1943 and had a long history of association with many Lingnan organizations, with exceptional attachment to Lingnan University in Hong Kong as one of the founders. He participated widely in voluntary work and generously contributed his time and resources throughout his life, in particular to health, sports, education, hospital and nursing services. Dr. Wong was an active office holder in various welfare and sports associations. His belief and action during his lifetime to promote self-improvement, equality and fairness through education are most admirable.


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