Advisory Board



Ms. CHUNG Yuk Man Susanna
Programmes Manager and Head of Learning & Participation, Asia Art Archive



Mr. FOHR Benedikt
Chief Executive, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra


Prof. SEADE Jesús
Professor, CUHK-Shenzhen (Senior Advisor)


Mr. WONG Chun Tat, Ata
Artistic Director, Théâtre de la Feuille


Mr. WONG Kin Wang, Kevin
Director of CCDC Dance Centre, City Contemporary Dance Company

Prof. Yu Kar Ming
Associate Dean, School of Interdisciplinary Studies



The role of an Advisory Board is to act as an interface between Government/ industry/ commerce/ the community at large and the music and performing arts programmes and courses.

Power and Responsibilities

An Advisory Board shall normally meet once a year to help plan and keep under review the following aspects of work including future developments:

(a)level and length of courses/programme(s) concerned in relation to local needs;
(b)the relevance of the courses/programme(s) in relation to the local needs;
(c)the prospects of local employment for graduates;
(d)the adequacy of the equipment and other resources of the academic unit(s) to fulfil local needs;
(e)the development of teaching and other activities carried out jointly by the academic unit(s) and the appropriate sector of the community;
(f)investigation consultancy and other services given by the academic unit(s);
(g)keep under review the assistance which the community can give to further the objectives of the University in the subject concerned by way of practical training facilities, the provision of part-time teaching.



ChairpersonTo be nominated by the Convener and appointed by the Senate
ConvenerHead of the Wong Bing Lai Music and Performing Arts Unit
Members        To be nominated by the Convener and appointed by the Senate
Ex-officio: Dean of School of Interdisciplinary Studies or his/her representative
SecretaryTo be appointed by the Convener
Observers and AdvisersThe Committee may invite any persons to attend any meeting as observers or advisers.