With the objective to enrich students’ musical and artistic learning experiences, the Unit organized the Musician-in-Residence Programme in both the 1st and 2nd terms of 2018-2019. We invited professional musicians to visit Lingnan and conduct music trainings, talks and seminars, workshops and concerts, hoping to expose students to professional artisanship.




Mr. Andrea MARCELLI (Term 1, 2018-19)

Mr. Marcelli is a jazz drummer, clarinetist, composer and producer who specializes in creative music-making. He participated in various performances, played with outstanding musicians around the world, and released several albums. Mr. Marcelli brought insights to the Unit's new course entitled "Creative Instrumental Ensemble".



Prof. Stephen NG (Term 2, 2018-19)

Prof. Ng is an opera, oratorio, recital, and new music performer, experienced in vocal group training. Facilitating the Unit's plan to launch a choral ensemble which offers students of all musical backgrounds an opportunity to learn and perform various vocal music genres, Prof. Ng's professional knowledge is valuably expected.