Music Training Modules

Music Training Modules

The modules are tailored to offer music learning and ensembleship training opportunities for participants with SEN, 14 sessions each, delivered and supported by professional tutors and Lingnan students. 


Module in Piano and Music Composition & Arrangement


Alumni from Buddhist To Chi Fat She Yeung Yat Lam Memorial School, participated in these modules to improve their music skills under the guidance of our tutors. They also explored how to compose music using MIDI keyboard and software.


In year 2, with guitar, keyboard and flute, they together create music as a creative instrumental ensemble. We are hoping to engage more participants in upcoming modules as this is a valuable opportunity to further enhance their skills and partake in musical activities in a community setting.

Module in Choral Singing

We hope to build and expand a Lingnan-based music community by linking up our external partners, and to promote and deliver the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity amongst individuals beyond tertiary education setting.


In year 1, members from Heep Hong Society joined this module to learn vocal, choral and social skills. The choir is conducted by Mr. Caleb Woo and accompanied by pianist Ms. Anna Ngai. In the end, they came to Lingnan campus for a special recording activity rounding off the sessions on 4 pieces: ‘Embrace the Music’, ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’, ‘I Bought Me a Cat’ and ‘Look at the World’. Production clips have all been publicized on YouTube and the University’s social media. 


In year 2, as the second phase of developing a choral scene at Lingnan University, we established a community choir called ‘Link Sound Harmonies’. This choir aims to provide a choral singing platform where members from Heep Hong Society and Lingnan students can receive choral singing training whilst interacting with each other and share their passion for music and singing. They returned to Lingnan campus for a progress sharing session on April 30. This is the first time they share their amazing vocals to families and friends face to face, without barrier.

Modules in African Drums


Collaborating with Pui Oi School and African drumming instructor Ms. Jiff Yuen, these modules provided the opportunities for 4 children to take part in African drumming lessons. Through these lessons, they can learn not only new drumming techniques, but also enhance their rhythmic skills and musical knowledge beyond standard music classroom setting.

pui oi

Furthermore, students learnt to interact with each other through communication and understood the importance of teamwork through music-making as an African drumming group. Following the success of the module, the group has now expanded to 8 children. We cannot wait to see how they progress further!

Modules in Guitar 

2 guitar

Adult members from Fu Hong Society Yau Chong Home engaged in these modules led by Mr. Francis Wan to learn how to play acoustic guitar starting with the very basics. Lingnan student Mr. Johnny Mau also on guitar, took part in jamming some familiar Cantopop songs with them. The learners were well-motivated and bought themselves private guitars for self-practice. Fu Hong’s social workers reflected that their learning has aroused other boarders’ interests in picking up an instrument, too.

Module in Erhu


We are delighted that 4 participants from Heep Hong Society are joining us in this newly developed module in the second year of the project to learn Erhu from the basics, from form and postures to playing melody and rhythm. Our Erhu tutor, Ms. Gala Shek has prepared songs such as ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’ and ‘Amazing Grace’ and taught them how to read and understand simplified Chinese notation scores.

Module for Musical Experiences & Tasters

This module is designed to broaden horizons, to let participants get to know different aspects of music. Furthermore, this also enables us to explore new collaboration opportunities with various artists and musicians in developing potential new modules. We held different tasters sessions led by different specialists. Mr. Arup Guha, Dr. Enrico Bertelli and Mr. Hinson Lo went to Pui Oi School and presented to children on their specialties:

indian drum

Mr. Arup Guha on Indian drums

music tech

Dr. Enrico Bertelli on Music technology


Mr. Hinson Lo on various unique instruments

Mr. Arup Guha on tabla, kanjira and khamak, Dr. Enrico Bertelli on music technology, and Mr. Hinson Lo on sound healing instruments. Lingnan students and staff played an active role throughout to offer one-to-one facilitation and translation help for children to understand. Children were in general highly inspired by these eye-opening presentations and teachers were especially impressed and inspired by how the non-verbal pupils managed to create and express with the aid of gadgets like Makey Makey and online platforms such as Chrome Music Lab.

On the other hand, a pupil was introduced to us by our project mentor, Dr. Eliza Lau to learn flute with us. We arranged for her to learn basic techniques under one of our students, Ms. Hau Ching Wong.