Performances@Lingnan 2021-2022

Performances@Lingnan 2021-2022


The Higher Education Sector of Hong Kong – Celebration for the 72nd Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China
21 September 2021

The Unit was invited to perform in the Celebration Event for the 72nd Anniversary of the People's Republic of China. Prof. Ip Kimho on the cello with two students on the guitars performed music of different genres and times.



  • Syncopated Clock by Leroy Anderson
  • City of Stars by Justin Hurwitz
  • 陪著你走 by Lowell Lo



Lingnan University Gala Dinner
28 October 2021



Lingnan Arts Biennale: Music for an Afternoon Tea​

with Hong Kong Metropolitan Pop Orchestra, Satur Tiamson, Master Tang and friends, on 15 November 2021


The Lingnan Arts Biennale encompasses a series of events organized by the Faculty of Arts, aiming at enriching the cultural well-being of the Lingnan community and the general public. They invited local artists to showcase their work, as well as to introduce various art forms.


Professor Ip and students from our Ensemble, along with Satur Tiamson and the Hong Kong Metropolitan Pop Orchestra, were invited to host a concert of light music selected from a variety of styles and cultural origins at Kin Sun Square (Skylight Plaza).


Fusion of dance music, jazz and Cantonese traditional music is a significant characteristic of old Hong Kong music, especially in the 1950-60s, with the influx of musicians from diverse genres of Shanghai jazz and western pop music. In Hong Kong, gathering for tea has a unique symbolic meaning for dialogue. This concert is not only a time for enjoying music, but also an intercultural and intergenerational exchange. 



  • Tangos and More - 6 Dances for Strings by Michael McLean
  • Salt and Peanuts: drums solo
  • Selections from old Hong Kong popular songs, including Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre by Joseph Koo


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