Student Tutors

Student Tutors


CHAN Ting Hang, Majoring in Philosophy

Module: Piano and Music Composition & Arrangement

'I see the project as a mutual learning experience rather than a give and take relationship. I learnt as much as I give to them from the students, in terms of their ideas, creativity and authority of appreciation in music and performances. I have developed a stronger sense of audience awareness which allows me to take care of participants' needs and involvement in artistic workshops which is bound to help me to design better learning experiences if I am to continue to work in the art educational field. '


LEUNG Ying Yuk Kathleen, Majoring in Chinese

Module: African Drumming

‘The time I have spent here is memorable. Not only did it improved my creativity to think of ways to help them concentrate on lessons, but also it encouraged me to think more about facilities especially designed for the special needs' students. I can see playing music can improve students' patience, concentration, confidence. These lovely children can really find their values during the lessons.’


MAU Ngai Hang Johnny, Majoring in Philosophy

Modules: Piano and Music Composition & Arrangement, Guitar

‘I found that SEN students are very talented. They are full of creativity and ideas, and their thoughts are sometimes innovative. What they lack is merely some guidance and some room of exploration. It spurs me to strengthen their capacity.’


NG Shing Hei, Majoring in Translation

Module: Choral Singing

‘I have seen different challenges we will face when coaching SEN students, then methods to deal with different situations. If I have such chances with SEN students in the future, I will handle things more smoothly and effectively.’


WONG Ang Seng, Majoring in Global Development and Sustainability

Module: Choral Singing

‘The experience in Link Sound Harmonies has revealed that empowerment plays a more crucial role to SEN students than plain sympathy. All it takes to raise them to shine is an opportunity, and their talents are only waiting for a moment to arrive.’


WONG Hau Ching, Majoring in Translation

Modules: Piano and Music Composition & Arrangement, Musical Experiences & Tasters

‘I have various learning outcomes. I need to be more patient when teaching them as they often repeat same mistakes. I develop effective teaching methods, like designing some slogans or simple phrases to help them to memorize complex concepts. Passion is needed. I also need to give more encouragements to them. After the lessons, I usually wrap-up what students learnt and write up summary for them to help their learning progress.’


If you are interested in our project and would like to join us as student tutors, please contact WBLMP to find out more on how you can be involved!