Performance Events

Performance Events

27 March 2023

After months of hard work, 4 children joined together as an African drumming group and presented to us and Pui Oi School’s fellow classmates and staff a performance in a sharing session held at their school.

pui oi performance


30 April 2023

This progress sharing session is the first time participants from different modules joined together to get to know each other and to perform to each other what they have learnt in their corresponding modules.

Apr 30



The event started with an original piece called ‘Mystery’ and a piano cover of Guang Liang’s ‘Fairy Tale' by participants from the piano and music composition & arrangement module.


This is followed by a performance of Gigi Leung’s ‘Today’ from our guitar group. Mr. Francis Wan also featured a solo piece on guitar, playing the Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’. Pui Oi School’s performance led by Ms. Jiff Yuen in late March was recorded and edited into a short 5-minute documentary excerpt by one of our students, Mr. Abbott Leung, and is showcased after the guitar pieces.

chinese instruments

The next performance involves Lingnan University’s Instrumental Ensemble playing ‘Dance of the Yao People’ under the guidance of course instructor, Prof. Ip Kim Ho. This performance is unique as the instrumentation combines both Chinese and western instruments, including guzheng, erhu, dizi, flute, violin, piano and double bass. Prof. Ip and Ms. Gala Shek then together featured in playing a well-known Chinese piece called ‘Horse Racing’.

Finally, our choir, conducted by Mr. Caleb Woo and accompanied by Ms. Anna Ngai, performed to us 4 pieces and they are ‘Edelweiss​ (白絨花)’‘Doubts about Life (生命的疑惑)’, ‘Feed the Birds’, ‘This Little Light of Mine’. The event closed with choir joining alongside Lingnan University’s Instrumental Ensemble in performing the song ‘We are the Champions’ from The Queen.

Apr 30 performance