Train-the-trainers Series

We have invited 4 experienced professionals to deliver 4 three-hour train-the-trainers talks/workshops respectively on topics of their expertise to equip our students and other (potential) tutors for teaching and interacting with special-needs participants.


1. Music and Persons with Disabilities/Differences: Simple and Beautiful Ways to Make the World Better

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Eliza Lau, introduced a clinical perspective on SEN by discussing disabilities and differences, and how music helps individuals with ASD and ADHD reconnect with other people.


2. Percussion Band designed for SEN Children: A Case Study in Special School

Special school music teacher, Ms. Venus Ng, shared her experience in teaching music and designing learning tools for pupils with autism at her school. Bringing along an alumnus, she demonstrated ways to effectively communicate and interact with SEN students.


3. Link Sound Music Circle: The Healing Power of Participatory Music

Drum circle facilitator, Ms. Kumi Masunaga, led a fun-packed workshop using a variety of drums and percussion instruments. She shared about concepts and techniques to engage, nurture and facilitate groups of people with different abilities through participatory community music activities.


4. Boosting Creativity in SEN with Tech Gadgets

Music technology specialist, Dr. Enrico Bertelli, introduced various music-making gadgets including Makey Makey, ODD Ball and TouchMe, and shared how music technology facilitates innovative teaching and learning of music. It was a brand-new experience to our local tutors.