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Teaching and Learning Centre

Student Blended Learning Ambassadors

The recruited students joining the Community will contribute a student voice to various blended learning initiatives at Lingnan. Expected duties would be to contribute to student focus group meetings, participate in online forums dealing with blended learning and act as a support for staff in adopting blended learning by contributing your student perspective. Here is a list of the Community:

  Full Name Year Program Email
2 CHAN Hiu Tung (Angel)
3 CHAN Yat Tung (Cassy) 3 BBA (Finance)
4 CHANDRA Sonal  4 BSS (Economics)
5 CHAU Chi Hong 3 BBA (Risk and Insurance Management)
6 CHEN Yuhui (Iris) 2 BSS (Psychology)
7 CHENG King Hei (Ethan) 4 BSS (Social and Public Policy Studies)
8 CHENG Yiu Shun (Kelvin) 2 BBA
9 CHUA Kwai Wa (Lily) 2 BA Visual Studies
10 KAUR Kamal Preet (Kamal) 4 BA Contemporary English Studies
11 LAU Sum Yu (Jasmine) 4 BA Translation
12 LAW Wing Yee 2 BBA
13 LEE Cheuk Wun (Samatha)  3 BBA (HRM major)
14 LEE Wenxin (Vernie) 2 BBA (Data Science)
15 LI Ching Yi
16 LI Tung 4 BBA (Accounting)
17 MA Nga Ping (Maggie) 4 BA (Chinese)
18 MI Ruiwei 4 BBA (Finance)
19 NG Ka Hei (Gloria) 3 BA Chinese
20 QUDSIA Syed (Sia) 4 BSS (Psychology)
21 TAN Xiao Qian (Bliss)  2 BA Global Liberal Arts 
22 WONG Siu Lung 3 BBA (Accounting)
23 ZHOU Bowen (Louis) 4 BSS (Sociology)