LMS Review

The current Learning Management System (OR Moodle) has been in use at the Lingnan University (LU) since 2007 (approx. 13 years ago). A regular quality assurance process across most universities is to review the existing LMS in order to compare those features offered by the LMS to those used and desired by the community (features both present and emerging).

The objectives are:

  • Identify and evaluate a Learning Management System which is pedagogically aligned to the teaching and learning approach and ethos of the University.
  • Recommend a university-wide LMS for the academic year 2022/23 and after.
  • Develop and establish opportunities and mechanisms for all stakeholders to provide ongoing feedback to help inform the ongoing enhancements of the LMS.

The purpose of the review is NOT to necessarily propose that Lingnan University change LMS systems but rather to conduct a quality assurance process and to then make recommendations for further action as appropriate.