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Approaches to Learning Teaching and Assessment @Lingnan

In November 2022, TLC will be launching its new professional development programme ALTA@LU (Approaches to Learning Teaching and Assessment @Lingnan). This programme has been created to meet the needs of Lingnan faculty members who are involved in course, programme and assessment design. ALTA@LU provides participants with an immersive experience of Problem Based Learning, working in small groups to investigate real world issues in curriculum design and to synthesise credible solutions together. Through the PBL process, participants will experience a collaborative, learner-centred methodology that is favoured in liberal arts education and will deepen their understanding of curriculum design.

The 26-hour programme over a period of 7 weeks has the following stages through which participants will be guided and supported:

  1. Group setting
  2. Problem identification
  3. Idea generation
  4. Learning issues
  5. Self-directed learning
  6. Synthesis and application
  7. Reflection and feedback

Programme schedule and study hours

Activity Hours Dates
Programme Introduction 1.5 1 November
Stage 1: Group Setting 1.5 3 November
Stage 2: Problem Identification 1.5 7 November
Stage 3: Idea Generation 1.5 8 November
Stage 4: Learning Issues 2 9 November
Stage 5: Self-directed Learning 6 10 to 21
Stage 6: Synthesis and Application 4 25 November
Stage 7: Reflection and Feedback 2 28 November
Individual Reflective Account and Action Plan

29 November to

16 December

Assessment and Certificate

Participants will be awarded certificates on successful completion of the programme. Achievement of the programme learning outcomes is via completion of assessed tasks and activities.

*ALTA@LU is internationally accredited and recognised through SEDA (Staff and Educational Development Association ) and aligns to the SEDA-PDF Award: Learning Teaching and Assessing. Successful graduates of ALTA@LU are entitled to refer to themselves as a SEDA Recognised Teacher.

To join the ALTA@LU programme you must be:

  • A faculty member with involvement in course, programme and assessment design

Registration starts in September 2022