Learning Analytics Community

Learning Analytics Community of Practice (CoP) aims at facilitating communication on institutional surveys and data utilization for curriculum development and teaching and learning improvement. It will assist TLC in ensuring that the outcomes of our various services on supporting the surveys and data to identify areas of strategic change are fit for purpose via consultation with the CoP.


List of Faculty/Departmental Representatives on Institutional Surveys

FacultyDept/UnitFaculty/Dept Rep*Post Email
ARTSCHIProf. WONG Shuk Han MaryAssociate Professor [email protected]
CUSProf. LEUNG Yuk Ming LisaAssociate Professor[email protected]
ENGProf. Preet HIRADHAR  Associate Professor of Teaching[email protected]
HSTProf. Mark HAMPTON Associate Professor[email protected]
PHIProf. CHIU Wai Wai Associate Professor[email protected]
TRAProf. HUI Ting Yan Isaac Associate Professor[email protected]
VSTo be confirmed--
(Fac Rep)
To be confirmed--
BUSMKT (Fac Rep)Prof. POON Shing Chung Patrick Professor of Teaching[email protected]
SSPSY (Fac Rep)Prof. LUN Miu Chi Vivian Associate Professor[email protected]
-GSDr. Erica LauAssociate Director[email protected]
-CCOProf. FONG JonathanDirector[email protected]
-REGMr CHAN Chung Kai RoyAdministrative Manager[email protected]
-OSAMs WONG Lai Chu Connie Associate Director of Student Affairs[email protected]
-LIFETo be confirmed -
-# OIAMs Michelle XUHead of the Office of Internal Audit[email protected]
-TLCProf LAM King Sun FrankieDirector[email protected]
Mr CHEUNG Kam Wing Kevin Manager and Strategic Lead, Learning Analytics[email protected]
Ms. LAM Lai Ki JoySenior Evaluation Officer[email protected]

# Cc in communication loop only


  1. Facilitate communication and support between TLC, faculties, and academic units for institutional surveys.
  2. Provide feedback, recommendations, and support for curriculum and teaching improvement.
  3. Promote evidence-based teaching and learning using survey data.
  4. Offer suggestions to enhance survey development, including design, analysis, and report format.
  5. Contribute to the development of a data warehouse for efficient storage and retrieval of teaching and learning data.
  6. Convey colleague feedback on surveys to TLC.

  7. Take on additional roles as appropriate and agreed upon by the team.