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Excellent Social Sciences Student Award, AY2021-22


The Excellent Social Sciences Student Award was established to recognize students’ excellent performance in their academic, community or university contribution. We extend our warmest greetings to Ms. Zhang Jingyi, majoring in Psychology, for being selected as the Excellent Social Sciences Student of the Year.

HSBC Hong Kong Scholarship, AY2021-22



The HK Bank Foundation has approved a donation of three HSBC Hong Kong Scholarships to the University. The scholarship recognises students' outstanding academic performance, achieving a minimum CGPA of 3.7 in the 1st term of the academic year.


Congratulations to Ms. Ying Lui (Year 2, psychology) for receiving the competitive Scholarship in  2022. 



The Best Economics Students Awards, AY2021-22


To provide an extra incentive to our students to discover the allure of economics, the Economics Department decided to award the “Best Economics Students Awards” to top students from Discipline Major in Economics of the BSocSc (Hons) Programme; each student will be awarded HK$5,000:


Name of the Student
(in Alphabetical order)
Year of StudyProgramme
LAI WantingThird YearBSS (Economics Major)
MENG BaosiFourth Year(Economics Major)


The Best Economics Minor Students Awards, AY2021-22


To encourage non-economics major undergraduate students to choose economics as their minor programme, the Department of Economics has created the “Best Economics Minor Students Award” of HK$3,000 to go to deserving students.


We are pleased to announce that the Awardees of the 2021-22 Best Economics Minor Students Awards are:


Name of the Student
(in Alphabetical order)
Year of StudyProgramme
TAN Bliss Xiao QianThird YearGLA
TAN ZeyuFourth YearBBA (Finance Stream)



Hong Kong Sociological Association 23rd Annual Meeting

Best Thesis Award Ceremony, AY2021-22



MPhil graduate Mr. Kayson Lau received the HKSA Best Thesis Award  AY2021/22. His thesis topic is “Aging in Place or Stuck in Place? The Aging in Place Experiences of Older Adults in a Gentrifying Neighborhood in Hong Kong”.



For Our Future Scholarship 2022, AY2021-22



Ms. LAM Wing Kiu Jocelyn (Year 4, Psychology) (fourth from the right) has been awarded the For Our Future Scholarship 2022 on 4 May 2022, offered by the Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation.