Subsite Background

Faculty & Department Activities


In view of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), the Social Sciences Faculty and Departments of Applied Psychology, Economics, Political Science, and Sociology & Social Policy had its annual Faculty Retreat on campus on 2 June 2021. The BSocSc Programme Director, Prof. Stefan Kuehner, led the discussion for matters pertaining to the Programme's development and strategies, as well as the feedback from the External Academic Advisers.  The Retreat did not only nurture a culture of collegiality, but also instills a sense of collaboration and ownership of the Programme.



The Social Sciences Orientation Day 2021 was successfully held on 3rd September. The Orientation Day was hosted by the Executive Committee of Society of Social Sciences via Zoom. To help students adapting to the new learning environment, our Dean, BSocSc Programme Director, Department Heads, and Professors welcomed new students and gave a brief introduction of the BSocSc Programme. Almost 80 students attended the virtual orientation and engaged in the activity.



The Office of the Faculty of Social Sciences organised the Career Enhancement Programme for Social Sciences Students on 29 April 2021 which aimed to provide guidance for our BSocSc students to recognise their skills and to present themselves to prospective employers. Five BSocSc alumni currently working in education, NGOs, and the public sector were invited to share with participants their job-hunting stories and work experiences. In the sharing session, the alumni also highlighted updated job market information in their career fields and provided professional advice on job hunting and career planning. Over 30 participants were inspired by the stories and insights of our former students.



Students from the Majors in Economics, International Economy and Politics (IEP), and Social and Public Policy Studies (SPPS) were invited to listen to our teaching staff to give tips about courses offered in AY2020-21 so as to help student future career and studies. A Zoom meeting welcoming new and returning students was held successfully on 7 September 2020.  More than sixty staff and students joined the meeting. All students majoring in Economics who attended the meetings received a free economics polo shirt and windbreaker.