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General Research Fund / Grants


The Department of Economics received about $1.75 million research grants in 3 projects from the Research Grants Council (including GRF and Theme-based Research Grant) in AY2020-21. The details are listed as follows:

Principal InvestigatorSchemeHK$

Prof. WONG Chi-leung Adam


“Market-share discounts and abuse of dominance.”


Prof. WANG Yonglin Laura


“How Unaffordable is Hong Kong’s Housing Market?”



RGC approved its funding for a theme-based research project by HKU, CUHK, HKUST, and LU. The approved funding is HK$22.444 million for this 5-year project. LU’s share is HK$2 millions, of which the Department of Economics and Department of Finance and Insurance share 1 million, respectively.

Co-Principal Investigator:

Prof. LIN Ping

Funded Project Title:

“Financial Technology, Stability, and Inclusion”


Prof. LIU Sibo


Theme-based Research Scheme 2020/21 (Tenth Round)



In 2020-21 AY, a total of HK$464,554 was provided to support 10 Projects by using the Faculty Research Grant (FRG), which is supported by the University through the Research Committee (RC), and administered by the Faculty Research and Postgraduate Studies Committees (RPSCs). The projects are listed in the following:


  • COVID-19 Supplement of Children’s Worlds: The International Survey of Children’s Well-being

  • Examining Symptoms and Subgroups: A Factor and Cluster Analysis with a Digital Mental Health Cohort

  • Exploring the Possession-based Nocebo Effect

  • Exploring the Possible Factors for the Prevention of COVID-19 Cases among Underprivileged Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong

  • Indirect Network Effects and Policy Implication: An Empirical Analysis of the Chinese Electric Vehicle Market

  • Interpersonal Stress Management among Working Adults and Their Spouses: A Digital and Dyadic Intervention

  • Investigating the Relation between Perceived Societal Development and Ideal Well-being

  • Old-age Activation and the Delivery of Employment Services in Hong Kong: Views from Street-level Bureaucrats

  • The Effect of Time Cost in Sequential Decision-making

  • Women’s Experiences of Violence in Hong Kong