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Teaching Development Grant Projects (TDGs)

Teaching Development Grant Projects (TDGs) for the 2022-25 Triennium

The objective of the TDGs is to fund research and development projects that aim to advance teaching and learning at Lingnan. Internal TDGs are allocated on the basis of competitive bids for projects but team-based project will get a higher priority than an individual project to foster cross fertilization and collaboration.

The duration for projects can be up to three years. The maximum funding for a one-year project is normally capped at HK$200,000. For the project proposal(s) budgeting over HK$200,000, the results will be announced later depending on the time needed for the external reviewers to make comments and the Sub-Committee on Teaching and Learning (SCTL) to consider the comments, etc. For further information, please refer to the funding policies and procedures and the flow chart for the application process.

The Teaching and Learning Centre invites applications in 2023/24 with the tentative schedule as below

  Call for Applications Applications Due Results Announcement*


28 August 2023 (Monday) 3 October 2023 (Tuesday) Late October to November 2023
2 1 February 2024 (Thursday) 15 March 2024 (Friday) Mid-April to May 2024

* The indicative periods of results announcement are only applicable to project proposals budgeting up to HK$200,000. As budgeting over HK$200,000 requires an external review process, the results will be announced later depending on the time needed for the reviewers to make comments and the SCTL to consider the comments, etc.

For enquiries, please contact:
Ms Vicky LAU – Educational Operations Manager (phone: 2616 7117; email:

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