Enhancement of Microsoft 365 Features

A new Microsoft Campus Agreement was commenced on 1 Jun 2020. With the new agreement, more functions and features on Microsoft 365 platform would be offered to all staff and students. The richer set of Microsoft 365 services improves the effectiveness and efficiency in teaching, learning and administrative activities.
Some major and notable improvements include:

  • The size of the inbox for each user is increased from 50 GB to 100 GB.
  • The size of the OneDrive personal storage for each user is increased from 1TB to 5TB.
  • Microsoft Teams Live Events enable the streaming of live video and digital content to a population of audiences up to 10,000. Regular Microsoft Teams meeting also serves as an alternative of Zoom for online meetings and lessons.
Mailbox_100GB OneDrive_5TB
  • Mailbox storage upgraded to 100GB per user
  • OneDrive storage upgraded to 5TB per user
  • Teams provides various advanced features for online meeting and collaboration


ITSC invited Microsoft to conduct an online workshop in Microsoft Teams for all staff. More than 100 colleagues participated in the workshop with positive feedback collected. More online workshops will be arranged in the next few months. Staff members and students are encouraged to pay attention on ITSC’s event notices from time to time and join the events if interested.