Student Testimonials


Host Institution: University of Waterloo (The United states of America)

Term of Exchange: Term 2, 2018-19


My semester in Canada as an exchange student was genuinely a wondrous experience. As someone who has a passion for travelling and experiencing different cultures, I always wanted to peregrinate somewhere with intriguing history. There were a couple of challenges, both expected and unexpected during my journey. Fortunately, staying on Waterloo Campus made it easy for me to expeditiously adapt to the Canadian and Waterloo University life. I made the effort to get out of my comfort zone, which allowed me to make friends easily and experience many new things.

The classes at University of Waterloo were challenging because the assignments were far more practical. As a business student, I decided to take Sales and Marketing classes. I got the opportunity to participate and become a semi-finalist in the Great Canadian Sales Competition. I also got the chance to work together with five fellow classmates to create a start-up idea for a class assignment and present it to the TD Bank in Canada. After a stressful yet wondrous term, my friends and I visited cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City. I got the opportunity not only to learn about
the Canadian history by visiting some historical monuments, but also
endeavor the Canadian culture through tasting Canadian cuisines.


After my exchange period in Canada, I spotted some differences in myself. Now I would perceive myself as a tougher and more independent person. Not only was I able to sharpen a number of skills, but also make long-lasting friendships around the world. I also got the chance to practice my language skills such as English and French by communicating with the locals. I was glad that I challenged myself and took the initiative to join the exchange programme.

If you want to enhance your self-confidence and independence skills, make new friends or just travel around while experiencing a new culture, then the exchange programme is highly recommended because it is truly a worthwhile and valuable experience. Grab the excellent opportunity offered by Lingnan University, build positive memories and share your stories too.