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Teaching and Learning Centre

Advancing Blended Learning @ Lingnan to a New Stage

This project aims to promote an effective blending of face-to-face and online modes in courses from the three Faculties. The strengths of each mode could be maximised.  Initially, mini online courses on blended learning for teachers and students respectively will be designed and developed by TLC. Eventually, mini courses will be developed for interested colleagues preferably partnering with the interested institutions in AALAU (Alliance of Asian Liberal Arts Universities) and GLAA (Global Liberal Arts Alliance) to diversify and augment the students’ internationalised learning experiences on campus.

TLC will play the role of facilitator and adopt the Communities of Practice (CoPs) as an overall implementation approach. CoPs, as the synergistic group or network of academic and professional staff getting together with a common interest to explore and inquiry a topic or set of problems and to develop practices therein, is considered a useful vehicle to expand and enhance blended learning throughout the University. Moreover, the Director of TLC has good experiences of leading and also participating in CoPs (Ng, 2008; Ng, 2010; Ng, 2015).


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