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Lingnan University Cultural Ambassador Programme

LU Cultural Ambassador Programme 2024/25 



The LU Cultural Ambassador Programme is an initiative aimed at nurturing a group of students who are passionate about exploring and sharing diverse cultures.  As cultural ambassadors, these students play a crucial role in promoting cross-cultural appreciation and integration on campus and in student hostels.  By engaging with fellow students and the wider community, cultural ambassadors can exchange knowledge and experiences while enriching their own learning and personal growth.  Overall, the programme is designed to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all students and to foster greater understanding and respect for different cultures.


Gain from the Programme:

  • Participate in a wide array of cultural events, workshops and experiences;
  • Build friendships and networks with students from different cultural backgrounds;
  • Deepen your understanding of different cultures in Hong Kong;
  • Develop leadership skills with a focus on cross-cultural competency.



All full-time undergraduate students, including 1-year exchange students, are welcome to join the programme.


Programme Structure and Schedule:

Part A – Briefing and Training

  1. Briefing Session in October 2024
  2. Half-day Team-building Training in October 2024

Part B – Engagement and Initiative

  1. Initiative:
    Initiate and organise at least one cultural activity with the team under the “Cultural March of Symphony” series in March 2025

  2. Engagement Activities (elective):
    Attend at least two cultural activities organised by OSA.

    Below are some examples of cultural activities: 
    - International Day
    - Thanksgiving Celebrations
    - Chinese New Year Carnival
    - Workshop on Handicraft, etc.

The detailed schedule of different cultural activities will be released in early September 2024.  Please stay tuned!


Appreciation and ILP Units

Upon completion of the Programme, cultural ambassadors will be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation and a total of 12 ILP Units (6 Units in Civic Education and Leadership Development and 6 Units in Residential Education).



The LU Cultural Ambassador Programme 2024/25 will start recruiting in September 2024 with a limited quota of 35 spots.  Please stay in touch with us!



Ms Karie Chan (Email: [email protected] / Tel: 2616 8484)