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Student Services and Opportunities


1) Student Medical and Dental Scheme

Full-time students can enjoy the health services such as the Student Medical Benefit Scheme and Student Dental Scheme provided by the University. Health campaigns such as talks on health education and vaccination programmes will be organised by the Office of Student Affairs regularly to educate students on the importance of healthcare and disease prevention.

The Student Medical Benefits Scheme includes general practitioner consultations and prescriptions. It covers simple laboratory tests and x-rays when presented with a GP’s referral letter. Full-time students can pay a nominal fee (HKD20) for each consultation by presenting their Lingnan University Student ID card. The Dental Scheme covers basic dental treatment at nominal fees for full-time students. Other forms of dental treatments and services will also be provided at a preferential rate.

The nearest clinic is at the Fu Tai Shopping Centre (10 minutes' walk from the campus)


Town Health - PHC Medical Centre

Shop No. 3, G/F, Fu Tai Shopping Centre, Fu Tai Estate, Tuen Mun

Opening Hours

9:00am – 1:30pm & 3:00pm – 8:00pm (Mon-Fri)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Sat)


2) Insurance

The hospital bills, medical and accident insurance are NOT covered by the Student Medical Benefits Scheme. Non-local students are strongly recommended to buy their own insurance covering travel, personal accident, medical expenses, hospitalization, etc. in their hometowns/ home countries before they arriving Hong Kong for better protection.


3) Government Medical Services

Non-local students will be eligible to use the government medical services or hospital treatment (in- and out-patient services) in Hong Kong at local rates if they present their (valid) Hong Kong Identity Card. The nearest public hospital is Tuen Mun Hospital.


4) Chronic Illnesses

If non-local students have regular prescription needs, they should bring an ample supply of medicine with them as it may not be available in Hong Kong. We suggest students ask their doctor for the name of the medicine (including its chemical/generic name) and bring a copy of their prescription with them.


Counselling Service and Support Service for Students with Special Needs

1) Counselling Service

Counselling service is offered to all Lingnan students including undergraduate, postgraduate and exchange students. The service is confidential and free of charge. Our counsellors are professionally trained to help students on adjustment, emotional and personal issues, improve mental health, build up confidence and self-understanding, etc.

To make an appointment, please call at 2616 7024, email: [email protected] or in person at our centre.

Location Room LYH318, 3/F, Lau Lee Yuen Haan Amenities Building
Service Hours

9am -12:30pm; 1:30pm - 5:21pm (Mon - Fri)

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Emergency: 24-hour counselling hotline (2616 8866)


2) Support Service for Students with Special Needs

The Office of Student Affairs also provides support to students with special education needs such as learning disabilities, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, physical/mobility and medical disabilities and vision and hearing impairments... etc. 

Students with special needs should make registration with the Office of Student Affairs at the beginning of the academic year to allow the University to have sufficient time to make the necessary arrangements such as equipment for facilitating the student for attending lessons and examinations.


Career Advising Services

The Office of Student Affairs provides career advising services for Lingnan students to better prepare for their employment after graduation. Services included mentoring programmes, internship opportunities, job preparation workshops and job information platforms, etc.


Campus Life

1) Student Societies/ University Teams

To enrich campus life in Lingnan, students are encouraged to join student societies or university teams.



The Lingnan University Students’ Union (LUSU) which is registered with the Societies Registration Office, is the only independent organisation representing all full-time students at the University. Most of the student societies including Programme-based societies and interest clubs are affiliated to LUSU. You are encouraged to join the societies as members or office bearers.


Debate team

To develop students' potentials and talents, they are encouraged to join the University sports teams or cultural teams. The University has 39 sports teams in 19 kinds of sports. The sports teams take part in different kinds of inter-collegiate sports competitions, particularly those organised by the University Sports Federation of Hong Kong, China Ltd (USFHK). Besides, there are four University cultural teams including Dragon Boat Team, Lion Dance Team and Debate Teams (Chinese and Putonghua). The cultural teams take part in many big events and competitions every year. 


2) Student Development Awards

The Providence Foundation Outward Bound Leadership Training Awards

A wide range of student development awards are offered to students. Students are encouraged to participate in these meaningful student development programmes where the Office of Student Affairs would provide subsidies and assistance. The awards are:



  • The Providence Foundation Outward Bound Leadership Training Awards
  • AIA Foundation Young Leaders Development Programme


3) Non-local Student Groups

LUCSSA Wechat QR Code

LUCSSA 嶺南內地生聯會

Lingnan University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (LUCSSA)

The Lingnan University Chinese Students and Scholars Association 嶺南大學內地學生學者聯誼會 (LUCSSA) is a student group formed by Mainland undergraduate students. LUCSSA provides support and organises orientation and networking activities for Mainland undergraduate students. New Mainland undergraduate students who need support or advice are welcome to contact LUCSSA.

Official WeChat: LUCSSA 嶺南內地生聯會

Email: [email protected]




Non-local Student Circle

Non-local Student Circle is a student group formed by a group of non-local undergraduate students from different countries. The non-local student volunteers of the group will provide care and support and organise networking activities for new and current non-local students. They will also cooperate with the Office of Student Affairs to organize various activities to promote cultural appreciation among local and non-local students.


4) Postgraduate Student Group

LUPGSA Logo and Wechat QR Code

LUPGSA 嶺南大學研究生會

Lingnan University Postgraduate Student Association (LUPGSA)

Lingnan University Postgraduate Student Association 嶺南大學研究生會 (LUPGSA) is a student services platform organising and collaborating by current postgraduate students, which endeavours to routinely forward and promote the university's official information, and handles enquiries from prospective postgraduates relating to their academic studies and daily life in Hong Kong. LUPGSA is pioneering, innovative and proactive in promoting high-quality services and diverse activities constantly. LUPGSA is committed to promote outstanding members to become pillars of various industries throughout Hong Kong, China and the world.

Official WeChat Account: LUPGSA 嶺南大學研究生會

Email: [email protected]


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