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Weather and Clothing

Hong Kong Weather

  Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Months March - May June - September October - November December - February
Temperature oC 17 - 26 26 - 33 19 - 28 12 - 20
Humidity Around 82% Around 86% Around 72% Around 72%
Clothing May need sweaters and shower-proof jackets Shorts sleeves for outdoors, light jacket for indoor facilities in case of strong air-conditioning Shorts sleeves and light jackets Jumpers and an overcoat may be needed. There is no indoor central heating in Hong Kong as well as in hostels so you may need warm blankets



Hong Kong has a subtropical climate. It is hot and humid in summer and cold and dry in winter. T-shirts, skirts or shorts are recommended in summertime while long sleeve shirts, sweaters, jackets with jeans or long pants are more suitable for wintertime.

Extreme weather will be occurred sometimes such as tropical cyclones, monsoon troughs and thunderstorms. Typhoons usually occur from July to September. When typhoon signal No.8 or above or a black rainstorm warning signal is issued by the Hong Kong Observatory, classes are suspended. Students should stay indoors.


Bad weather arrangements for classes/activities and examinations of Lingnan University


Warnings and Signals

The Hong Kong Observatory will issue warnings or signals under adverse weather conditions. The announcement will be broadcasted on TV, radio or internet.

Hong Kong Observatory

Hong Kong Weather Warnings and Signals

Warning signal table


MyObservatory” is a personalized location-specific weather app developed by the Hong Kong Observatory, which provides latest weather conditions of Hong Kong to the users.


MyObservatory iOS/Andriod