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Replacement Certificates of Graduation

1. A graduate may apply for a replacement certificate in case of loss or damage of an original certificate.  Application for replacement due to change of name after graduation is NOT accepted.
2. At any given time, a graduate shall only be in possession of ONE valid copy (including the replacement copy) of the certificate for each academic qualification conferred by the University.  After the replacement certificate is collected, the original certificate concerned is rendered null and void.  If a certificate previously reported lost is subsequently found, the graduate concerned is required to return it to the Registry for destruction.
3. A replacement certificate shall in general follow the current format of the graduation certificate, bearing the signatures of the current University officers and an additional statement in English and Chinese “This certificate is reissued on (date). 本證書於(日期)補發”.
4. Replacement certificates are processed according to the following schedule:
Application Period (both dates inclusive)   Reissue Date
From To  
1 Jan 15 Feb 31 Mar (same year)
16 Feb 15 Jul 31 Aug (same year)
16 Jul 30 Sep 15 Nov (same year)
1 Oct 31 Dec 31 Mar (+ 1 year)
5. Application for replacement certificates is only applicable to graduates of undergraduate and research/taught postgraduate programmes (except the joint degree programme BA Contemporary English and Education) from 1998-99 onwards.  Graduates before 1998-99 and graduates of BA Contemporary English and Education may apply for transcripts or testimonials as proof of graduation.
6. To apply for a replacement certificate, please submit, preferably in person, to the Registry a duly completed application form, present the original copy of HKID card1 for inspection (or enclose a photocopy of the HKID card2 in case of postal application) and provide:
  a) (for a lost/stolen/destroyed certificate) relevant documentary evidence, e.g. original police report, notarised statement or declaration administered by a Commissioner for Oaths;
  b) (for a damaged certificate) the original certificate3; and
  c) the application fee.
  Your application will only be processed upon receipt of all required documents and the application fee.  
7. The application fee is HK$800 for each replacement certificate and all fees paid are non-refundable.  To avoid unnecessary delay, you are advised to submit a cheque/bank draft payable to “Lingnan University” or provide your credit card details to settle the required fees.  Please note that overseas personal cheques and postal orders are NOT accepted.
8. Upon notification by the Registry, the graduate may collect the replacement certificate(s) in person or by an authorised person. The graduate or the authorised person is required to present his/her HKID card1 for inspection.  The authorised person should also present a duly completed authorisation letter (template downloadable at: together with a photocopy of the applicant’s HKID card2.
  1. If the graduate/authorised person has lost/does not have a HKID card, please provide a copy of his/her passport.  For the graduate, the name and date of birth printed on the passport should be the same as the registration records at the University.
  2. The HKID photocopy will be destroyed right after the collection of the replacement certificate.
  3. The original certificate will be destroyed right after the collection of the replacement certificate.