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Programmes of Studies (4-year System)

4-year Curriculum Overview


Core Curriculum

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English Language Enhancement (ELE) Curriculum

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Programmes of Studies (Major Programmes)

Faculty of Arts


Faculty of Business


* available for 2019-20 senior year intake and after
** not available from 2016-17 Year 1 intake
~ name of the Major changed from 2022-23 Year 3 intake
@ names of Majors changed from 2022-23 Year 1 and 2024-25 Year 3 intakes


Faculty of Social Sciences


School of Interdisciplinary Studies


School of Data Science


The normal study period of the above undergraduate programmes is four years, except for Senior Year entry programme(s). Flexibility is allowed for pursuing the programmes in part-time mode and completing the programmes within a longer or shorter period in accordance with relevant academic regulations.


Minor Programmes


In addition to the above Major Programmes, the University offers a number of Minor Programmes. For details, please click.


Course Descriptions


Application for Admission