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Humanitarian Technology

Humanitarian technology refers to the use of technology for the betterment of society and the improvement of human lives. It is a growing field that aims to provide innovative solutions to complex social problems, reducing suffering, promoting human dignity and saving lives. Whether it is providing clean water, improving healthcare delivery, or assisting in disaster response, humanitarian technology can make a significant impact on people's lives.


Liberal arts students can play a crucial role in the development and application of humanitarian technology. They bring a unique perspective that combines critical thinking, creativity, and empathy. Through social sciences such as anthropology, sociology, and philosophy, they understand the social, cultural, and ethical implications of the underlying issues. They apply this knowledge to analyse the root causes of the problems and identify the best ways to address them. They also use their interdisciplinary skills to collaborate with experts from other fields to design and develop innovative solutions for humanitarian challenges. 


Here at Lingnan University, we encourage students to innovate on complex technical solutions, to make them accessible to the billions of people in need. Adopting existing technology allows solutions to be developed faster, cheaper and more efficiently. This will lead to achieving a more widespread social impact.  


Check out the following award-winning innovations developed by the team at Lingnan University: