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No-code Solutions

No-code is a software development approach that requires little or no coding to build applications and processes. Instead of using complex programming languages, no/low-code development employs visual interfaces with basic logic and drag-and-drop capabilities. 


Websites and applications are now an indisposable online channel for entrepreneurs. LEI will be organising a series of two workshops to provide students with basic knowledge on no-code as well as to gain hands-on experience creating their first website/app using readily available platform solutions. 


Details of the workshops are as follows:


 Workshop 1: Workshop 2
Date15th April (Mon)22nd April (Mon)
Time17:30 - 19:3017:30 - 19:30
VenueSEK G03SEK G03
MediumFace-to-face, in EnglishFace-to-face, in English
ILP Units2, pending approval2, pending approval
Registration linkBasics of no-codeHands-on training


To find out more, please contact LEI at 2616-8061 (Tony Tsang) or through email at [email protected]