Subsite Background

Carbon Neutral Action

To drive climate action on campus, the Office of Service Learning (OSL) and the Science Unit initiated the Carbon Neutral Action Programme. The programme aimed at promoting low carbon living, and this was achieved through various innovative educational activities designed to influence students to incorporate green living into their daily lives. 

Thanks to the Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) from the Environment and Ecology Bureau, students were trained to become Low Carbon Ambassadors. The programme started with raising awareness and understanding through workshops, exploration tours and exhibitions. Students then reflected on their existing lifestyles and came up with ways to affect change in their own lives as well as those around them. This included organising promotional campaigns and community events (such as campus competitions and community bazaars) to promote low carbon living. 

It is endeavoured that the programme contributes to HKSAR's actions in achieving carbon neutrality by 2025. Learnings from participants will be gathered to support the government on policy-making in climate education. 


Programme Objectives

  • Enhancing the youth’s understanding and reflection on the concepts of “carbon emission”, “waste reduction” and “low carbon lifestyle
  • Encouraging the youth and their family members to practise low carbon living
  • Promoting sustainable low carbon living to the wider public and fostering community participation



  • Low carbon ambassador training
  • Campus exhibition on low carbon living
  • Low carbon campus and student hostel challenge
  • Upcycling workshops
  • Green community exploration workshops and tours
  • Low carbon recipe competition
  • Community mobile exhibition & Low Carbon Living Award Scheme
  • Low carbon bazaar & Low Carbon Ambassador Graduation Ceremony