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電影導論 2016/17

Vodcast Project

VIS2105 Introduction to Film Studies
Spring Semester 2016/17

The aim of the short video production is to develop the student’s capacity for teamwork, enhance their practical filmmaking skills, research skills and leadership skills, as well as to enable the students to produce a resource that contributes to Hong Kong Film Studies and to the knowledge base of the Centre for Cinema Studies at Lingnan University.

The theme this year was: “Hong Kong & Animation.” In this production the students were asked to focus on a particular issue as it relates, in a broad sense, to the history of animation and comics, the current scene of animation/comics, or the exploration of a specific person, institution, or phenomenon that relates to animation within the context of Hong Kong.

The result was a multifaceted group of productions, which spanned a number of different issues including: The difficulties facing the local comics industry; The development of illustration in Hong Kong; Pokémon gaming in public spaces; Japanese Animation influence in Hong Kong; Politics and Comics.

Group Project 1 - Comics

Group Project 2 - Book Illustrator

Group Project 3 - Old Master Q

Group Project 4 - Part Time Illustrator

Group Project 5 - Cosplayers

Group Project 6 - Angryangry

Group Project 7 - Pokemon

Group Project 8 - Video

Group Project 9 - Comics