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Joint University Campaign 2019 - UNIfy: BYO



Following the success of the campaign last year "UNIfy: Skip the Straw" (八大走飲管), the eight member universities decided to continue with the collective campaign to once again actualize the beauty and power of synergy. 


To further extend the determination to develop a green and healthy community by reducing waste at source, the Joint-U Campaign 2019 - UNIfy: BYO (八大BYO) will be officially launched in March 2019 to engage campus community members to take BYO actions to reduce disposable waste by bringing their own reusable (water bottles, cups, food containers, cutlery, bags etc.) as to meet their needs and own preference. 


In addition, each university will have their student ambassadors to share with you BYO tips and interesting trivia via social media and even in person on campuses. A promo for this grand yearly campaign will be released in early March. Stay tuned!


BYO Week

To celebrate the launch of the campaign all eight universities are holding a BYO Week during the week of March 11-17. Throughout this week, staff and students will get a free soft drink when BYO containers for takeaway food order at Canteen (Fast Food)! Don't miss this special offer!


In addition, staff and students are encouraged to make a pledge online to support the campaign and more importantly, to initiate BYO habits!

byopledge Step up and be a change maker!

* Step 1: enter event code #UNIFYBYO
* Step 2: answer a simple MC question
You may visit the page again to edit the submitted response (if you wish to).



Reverse Vending Machine Trial Scheme

To enhance the recovery efficiency of plastic beverage containers which are one of the major waste consumables on campus, a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM), a device that allows us to feed in empty plastic bottles for rebate, will be placed at the Canteen for a month (14 March - 13 April 2019) as a trial.



Return Clean Plastic Bottles for Recycling &
Get Your Redemption!



Click HERE for details of the RVM.


Upcoming Green Events@LU




  11am - 5pm  

Water Exhibition and Experiment

Urban Spring城泉


  Skylight Booth #2


  11am - 5pm  

WWF Solar Mobile Cafe x Science Unit: Free Coffee for BYO!

WWF-Hong Kong


  Open Area Between LBY & LKK

14/3/2019 (Thu)

  5 - 6:30pm  

Waste Sorting and Clean Recycling Workshop – Exploring municipal solid waste problem and the importance of recycling on campus



Skylight Plaza
11/4/2019 (Thu)   5 - 7pm  

Making Zero Impact Fashionable

Ms. Karen Ho
(Head of Corporate and Community Sustainability)
Ms. Toby Crispy & Ms. Kay Wong
(Founder of Fashion Clinic)
Mr. Wilson Lam
(Project Manager, Clothing Industry Training Authority)




For details of the UNIfy:BYO campaign, please visit: