Subsite Background

Craft with heart 匠心仁守

Craft with heart is a social enterprise aims to upcycle the pallet into furniture then distribute it to the needy. They want to promote three messages, “Green”,” Service,” and “Connection”.


The Issue

They are a group of young people who have a passion for woodworking. However, in Hong Kong, pallets are typically thrown away and sent to landfills which is extremely inefficient and not environmentally friendly. Therefore, they are committed to collecting these woods and transforming them into furniture to help those in need to improve their living condition.


The Solution

Craft with heart hope to improve the quality of life of the needy by giving them proper furniture and creates a better living condition for the needy. They aim to reduce the wasting pallet and give them a second life. Finally to spread their recycle concept in society. Furthermore, they collaborate with other organizations to provide more young people with opportunities to learn woodworking.



They already set up firm relation with their community partner: The Urban Peacemaker Evangelistic Fellowship Ltd. (UPEF) , Yan Oi Tong Youth Space (YOT) and serve 5 Grassroot families in Po Tin estate and 8 Youths by teaching them woodwork and joining the social services.



Grassroot families and youth who have interest in woodwork


Project Team

Lo Ka Yin, Sam

Wong King Chong

Tse Tat Man

Project Advisor: Dr. Siu Yan Ho


Funding Source

Innovation and Impact Fund 2019 - 2020


Project Classification

Environmentally friendly / Recycle / Furniture reuse / Woodwork workshop / Living condition