Subsite Background


Senmily HK is dedicated to serving children with special educational needs and their parents in Hong Kong. They aim to establish a mutual-help community by providing diversified educational and networking programs to these under-resourced families in strengthening family bonds. With the envision to cultivate an inclusive society, they strive to provide equal opportunities for children with special educational needs and their parents to achieve personal growth and social participation, as well as to provide volunteer opportunities for the public to participate. They believe a more harmonious society could be built through active community involvement.


The Issue

The number of children with special educational needs has been rising these years. There are approximately one-third of students in Hong Kong having or with suspected symptoms of special educational needs. In this sense, supply of services and products provided would lag behind demand. With the increasing number of children with special educational needs, more and more people are concerned about and want to get involved in this education sector. As compared to 2019, there is a 40% growth of registration members, including more than 80 people signed up to be their course participants this year. It also indicates great possibilities for them to develop structural course packages with training and service opportunities, which is rare in the market.


The Solution

Their service not only strives for innovation, but also keeps abreast of social needs. They provide free courses to help under-resourced parents in acquiring the practical skills in communicating with their children with special educational needs. Besides, providing diversified family activities to improve parent-child relationships. Furthermore, their service users are invited to join a private Whatsapp group to release stress and seek help. To enhance social inclusion, they also share information for special educational needs by simplifying and illustrating it into graphics through social media platforms. Their Facebook page has reached over 3,474 followers. In order to encourage more people to participate in community affairs, they also offer distinct volunteer training and service opportunities to interested parties and individuals.



In 2020, they designed and published an educational board game named ‘心大心細' for sale. Since its publication, numbers of workshops have been held and received positive feedback from the children and organizations. In the past 4 years, they have cooperated with more than 15 organizations and served over 5,000 beneficiaries for more than 1,200 service hours to achieve their social objectives.



Children with special educational needs aged from 0-12 and their parents in Hong Kong, while a higher priority would be given to low-income families, CSSA recipients and single parents.


Project Team

Ho Hoi Yee, Gwyneth (Year of graduation: 2019)



Booster Prize for Social Enterprise 2021, Lingnan University 


Funding Source

Innovation and Impact Fund 2017 - 2018 


Project Classification

Social enterprises/ Special educational needs/ SDGs 3: Good health and Well-being / Educational support