Subsite Background

Store Truck 611 士多車

Store Truck 611 is a start-up that aims to promote Zero Hunger and Good Health & Well-being. They offers micro-green pots & seeds for packaged sales via online platforms. The plants are all editable vegetables or herbs. Micro-green pots will be printed out via 3D printer.


The Issue

Hong Kong does not have a self-sustaining food supply system as 90% of the total food supply in Hong Kong is imported food. Besides, lack of space and resources for local farms hinder the development of farming in Hong Kong. The low incentive for local farmers due to incredibly low salary and no guarantee on product returns due to uncontrollable factors in the natural climate. While it seems unrealistic for Hong Kong, a densely populated and highly urbanized city to become self-sufficient in food production, it is believed that ‘food localism’ can alleviate food security and safety problems. Lately, urban farming has become more and more popular in Hong Kong. For instance, Sino Group, the real estate company has launched the Farm Together project, operating 6 rooftop farms in 2020. It demonstrated that urban farming is a trend for sustainability in future.


The Solution

To support food localism and promote sustainability, Store Truck 611 will promote indoor agricultural technology and offer micro green pots and seeds for a packaged sales and tailor-made farming workshop for different target groups. It serves educational purposes including to enhance the public awareness of agricultural development; to equipped them with the knowledge about the technology available and the climate for plant growth. It also serves a relaxation purpose. Besides, to further demonstrate the feasibility of food localism, Store Truck will provide nutritious meal boxes made by produces from local farm and Lingnan LEI’s hydroponic farm.



In terms of Zero Hunger (SDG 2 ). Store Truck is dedicated to achieve food security by supporting local agricultural development. With more home-made indoor vegetables, people shall have relatively fewer needs to buy in the market. Store Truck will also promote sustainable agriculture via social media and host related workshops. People can enjoy the indoor farming experience and learn the basic planting knowledge. This helps to nurture the future leaders to revive urban farming.



Lingnan students and Tuen Mun community


Project Team

FU Wing Lam, Wendi

NG Man Hoi, Anthony

Consultant & Mentor: Dr. HU Taihua and Nicholas Ooi


Funding Source

SEED Fund 2020 - 2021


Project Classification

Urban farming / Zero Hunger (SDG 2 ) / Good Health & Well-being (SDG 3) / Micro-green pots & seeds / Agricultural Tech R&D / Green Smart City