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The LEADER in Me

Leadership is a life skill. In fact, Leadership is Learning. Through learning, “Everyone can be a LEADER”.

OSA aims to support students to have a deep “Personal” understanding of themselves through various exploration and development programmes that could discover and identify one's capabilities and potential. While self-improvement is crucial, it is also essential to learn about the importance of "Team". Teamwork not only improves efficiency and productivity in work, but it also  enhances learning from differing perspectives. It promotes synergy and generates innovative capacity to problem solving. Students can engage themselves in various "Team" activities on campus.

OSA also has local and overseas internship programmes and career education series to groom students' “Professional Development”. We work with different partners to provide “Public Engagement“ opportunities to connect students with the community and the world. It is our aim to broaden students' horizons and cultivate cultural sensitivity and integration through local and international programmes.   We highly encourage students to actively learn and participate in the programmes we offer, and grow to be a "Leader".