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Dongjoon LEE教授

PhD. Creative Industries, University of Warwick, UK
JD. Law, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea
BBA. Business Administration, Jeonbuk National University, South Korea





[email protected]







Dr Dongjoon Lee is a KF Visiting Assistant Professor at Lingnan University, Hong Kong from September 2023. His broad and diverse experience covers various aspects of culture, law and the creative industries. His previous academic positions include Visiting Fellow at the Asia Centre of Seoul National University and Lecturer at various institutions including Kyung Hee University, Hongik University, Graduate School of Arts & Cultural Management, Changwon National University, Department of Culture Techno., Srinakharinwirot University, Arts and Cultural Management Innovation, Thailand. His publications include "Hallyu Policy Discourse" and "Creative Sector Resilience in the COVID-19". Lee has participated in research projects such as the 2022 K-culture Festival Plan (KOFICE) and the Art and Tech Programme Review (ARKO). His doctoral thesis was on strategic organisational change and artist leadership in the K-pop industry.

Lee's professional commitments in 2023 include serving as a media critic for YonhapNews TV, where he provides monthly critiques of news reports from the entertainment industry. In 2019, he acted as a legal specialist at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Popular Culture Industry Division, where he interpreted laws related to the Popular Culture and Arts Industry Development Act. Prior to that, Lee has served as a research associate at the Korea Culture & Tourism Institute, Cultural Industries Research Center, and as a research intern at the Korean Legislation Research Institute, Office of Global Research. He also had the experience of working as a legal intern at Steptoe & Johnson LLP. in Washington D.C., USA in 2010, where his duties included reviewing intellectual property rights and investigating trademark infringements in the US and other countries.

  • 研究興趣

    Pop culture; Creative industries; Creativity & entrepreneurship; K-drama; K-pop (idols system) & Hallyu (Korean wave); Korean cultural & media policy; Platform labor & Asian modernity; Neoliberalism & decolonial studies; East Asian & ASEAN relations
  • 學術出版

    Peer-Reviewed Journals and Book Chapters

    • Lee, D. (2024, Forthcoming). "The Political Rhetoric of Korean Pop Culture: Hallyu as a Policy-making Metaphorical Tool". In V. Cicchelli, J. Lee, & S. October (Eds.), "An Alternative Globalization: Youth, Cultural Commodity, and Soft Power from East Asia to the World." BRILL.
    • Lee, D. (2023, Forthcoming). "Hallyu and Cultural Nationalism: A Theoretical Review." In "Korean Wave: Cultural Capital and Formation of Cultural Nationalism." Traditional Arts Center, Korea National University of Arts, BOOKKOREA. (In Korean)
    • Lee, D., & Chang, W. (2022). "Resilience of the Creative Sector in the COVID-19 Era: A Comparative Analysis of the K-Pop Industry and the Performing Arts Sector." Journal of Arts and Cultural Management. DOI: 10.15333/acm.2022.04.30.183
    • Lee, D. (2022). "Revisiting the 2020 (New)Hallyu Policy Discourse: A Paradigm Shift for Hallyu Policy." Culture and Convergence. (In Korean). DOI: 10.33645/cnc.2022.

    Essays and Commentaries

    • Lee, D. (2023, May). "[K-pop Diary] The Hypothetical Dominance of 'Fangirling' by Entertainment Platforms." Pressian. (In Korean). Available at:
    • Lee, D. (2023, January). "Debate on the Government's Role in the Korean Wave and the Cultural Identity of ‘K’." Webzine X. (In Korean). Available at:
    • Lee, D. (2022, May). "2021 Survey on Overseas Hallyu Status: A Comprehensive Examination of Hallyu in The UK." Hallyu Now. Available at:
    • Lee, D. (2022, January). "Dystopia or Utopia: Participation in the Squid Game?" In Media Res: A MediaCommons Project. Available at:
    • Lee, D. (2020, June). "[Feature] The UK’s Approach to Infectious Disease Legislation." Issue Brief on Foreign Laws. (In Korean).
    • Lee, D. (2018, May). "A Study on Legislation and Policies Pertaining to the Estimation of Tourists in the United Kingdom, with Focus on Privacy and Private Data Sharing." Issue Brief on Foreign Laws. (In Korean).
  • 教學

    Undergraduate Courses

    • Korean Media and Entertainment (Spring 2023)
    • Entertainment Management (Autumn 2022)
    • Cultural Management & Brand Start-up Seminar (Autumn 2022)
    • Understanding Business and Society (Online, Spring 2022)
    • Culture & Innovation Research (Online, Spring 2022)
    • Business Ethics & CSR (Entrepreneurship) (Online, Autumn 2021)

    Postgraduate Courses

    • Commercial Arts and Cultural Management (Online, Spring 2023 & Spring 2022)
    • Art & Tech Industry Case Studies (Hybrid Format, Spring 2022)
    • Design Management (Online, Spring 2020)
    • Popular Culture Theory (Autumn 2018 & Spring 2020 & Spring 2022)

    Forthcoming Courses (2023/24)

    • Special Topic - Creative Industries in Korea
    • Creative and Media Industries: Concepts and Histories
    • Creative Industries and Cultural Policy in East Asia
    • Special Topic - Korean Pop Culture in a Global Context
  • 研究項目

    • 2021. "Formulation of the Basic Plan for the 2022 K-culture Festival," Commissioned by the Korea Council for International Cultural Exchange.
    • 2021. "Performance Evaluation Analysis of the Art and Technology Convergence Project," Conducted for the Korea Arts Council.
    • 2021. "Improvement Plan for Regulation of Singing Practice Centres and Music Industry Promotion Work Practice Guide," Sponsored by the Korea Culture and Tourism Institute.
    • 2020. "Strategic Plan for the Cultural Contents Convergence Industry in Bucheon City," Commissioned by the Korea Creative Content Agency.
    • 2020. "Legal Response to Infectious Diseases in the UK - Foreign Legal System Information," Special Issue undertaken for the Korea Law Institute.
    • 2020. "Survey and Improvement Study on Advanced Railway Related Legislation," Sponsored by the Korea Railway Facilities Corporation.
    • 2019. "Review of UK Laws and Policies Related to Water and Sewerage Infrastructure Support - Foreign Legal System Information," Conducted for the Korea Law Institute.
    • 2019. "Review of Legislative Status and Compliance of Waste Vehicle Disposal and Recycling in the United Kingdom - Foreign Legal Information," Commissioned by the Korea Law Institute.
    • 2018. "Trends in Overseas Legal Systems in the Content Industry. Emphasizing Working Hours, Taxation, and Statistics," Sponsored by the Korea Culture and Tourism Institute.
    • 2018. "Status and Prospects of Global Legal Discussions. Focus on the Promotion of Virtual Currency Transactions," Commissioned by the Korea Law Institute.
    • 2018. "Analysis of Privacy and Private Data Sharing Legislation and Policy in the Context of UK Tourist Arrivals - Foreign Legislation Information," Conducted for the Korea Law Institute.
    • 2016. "Report on the UK Government Policy Promotion System," Embassy Public Affairs, United Kingdom.
    • 2016. "Sustainability, Law, and Public Choice: Supervision of Translation," Undertaken for the Korea Institute of Legal Studies.
    • 2011. "Case Study on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in Major Countries," Sponsored by the Korea Telecommunications and Information Technology Agency.
  • 資助金項目及獎項

    • 2022. Visiting Scholar Fellowship at the Asian Center, Seoul National University (£2,900)
    • 2022. Early Career Research Grant by the Korean Political Communication Association (£800)
    • 2022. Best Paper Award for “BTS & ARMY: A ROAD to SDGs and ESG” at the KASBA conference (£600)
    • 2022. Best Paper Award at the Doctoral Consortium, LG Energy Solution supported, KASBA (£500)
    • 2022. Early Career Research Grant by the Korean Association for Broadcasting & Telecommunication Studies (£3,200)
    • 2022. IASPM XXI Conference Fee Grant (£200)
    • 2022. Membership, UK South Korea Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities Connections, ESRC Funded Hallyu Project (£2,000)
    • 2018. Hardship Fund from the Graduate School, University of Warwick (£2,300)
    • 2018. WHR Grant from the Humanities Research Centre, University of Warwick (£700)
    • 2018. European Media Management Association Summer School Grant by the EMMA committee (£700)
    • 2013. Korean Government Overseas Study Scholarship by the National Institute for International Education (£110,000)
    • 2009. Government Grant for the WEST program by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (£12,000)
    • 2006. Study Abroad Scholarship from the Jeonju Human Resources Development Foundation (£9,000)