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Department of Economics

About ECON

The Economics Department has 14 full-time academic staff members, all with Ph.D. degrees (from Australia, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, or the United States). It provides teaching support for the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) Programme under its uniquely-designed interdisciplinary structure that copes with the increasing complexity of public and economic affairs in the 21st century. Our department contributes to all majors in Social Sciences, especially the International Economy and Politics (IEP) major and the Social and Public Policy Studies (SPPS) major. We also supervise a number of MPhil and Ph.D. students.
In addition, the Economics Department offers two distinctive Taught Postgraduate (TPg) Programmes. One is the Master of Science in International Banking and Finance (MIBF) degree. It aims to strike a balance between theoretical and practical knowledge, covering both local and international needs and concern, and giving equal attention to professional banking and general finance and economics. The other is the Master of Science in International and Development Economics (MIDE) Programme. The programme aims to provide students with interdisciplinary training mainly in the fields of economics and finance but with a focus on economic development aspects. The design of this programme also allows students to explore their subject interests and gain insight from different perspectives into the latest economic, financial, social, political, and environmental developments in the Greater Bay Area and in areas covered by the Belt and Road Initiative.

2020 RAE Results Reaffirm Excellence in Research by Lingnan’s Economics Faculty
LU scholars have achieved a significant improvement in the latest Research Assessment Exercise 2020 (RAE) conducted by the University Grants Committee (UGC) over the previous exercise in 2014, according to results of the RAE 2020 announced by the UGC on 24 May 2021.

Two impact cases submitted by Department of Economics were rated 100% at 4*(World Leading) or 3* (Internationally Excellent). This result has helped to rank Lingnan University into 3rd place among Hong Kong’s other universities.

Lingnan’s Economics Department continues to excel in policy-related, applied research, with a view to contributing to better policy making in Hong Kong and around the world and in line with the liberal arts mission of the University.  Our research areas include international trade, the labour market, the housing market, environmental economics, industrial organization, behavioral economics, competition policy, health policy, and happiness studies. Apart from international journals, our scholars also publish books and research reports, and conduct surveys and commissioned studies.
Scholarships and Internships for Economics Students
To provide an extra incentive to our students to discover the allure of economics, the Department offers up to 3, HK$5,000 scholarships to the Best Students from the Economics Major in the 4-year undergraduate Social Sciences programme. Since 2014-15, the Economics Department also offers up to 2 internship positions for ECON/IEP/SPPS students via the Summer Internship Scheme. The student interns will provide research support for various projects related to Economics fields. In addition, up to two full scholarships will be offered to good economics graduates for pursuing further study in our MSc. in International Banking and Finance Programme and up to one full scholarship will be offered by the MSc. in International and Development Economics Programme.