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Department of Economics

Research Postgraduate Students (RPg)

Position Name Telephone E-mail Room
Tutors/PhD Students Ms. GUO Yiting (852)2616 7375 [email protected] WYL104
  Ms. LEI You (852)2616 7375 [email protected] WYL104
  Ms. LIANG Jing (852)2616 7375 [email protected] WYL104
  Mr. LIU Mengxin (852)2616 7383 [email protected]  WYL303
  Mr. LI Jinpo (852)2616 8356 [email protected] WYL104
  Ms. NIE Cong (852)2616 7383 [email protected] WYL303
  Ms. TAN Jiamin (852)2616 7383 [email protected] WYL303