Subsite Background

SDGs through LEI


The core of all projects and programmes run through LEI is the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) incepted by the United Nations. Through localised actions, we hope to contribute to achieving the goals in one way or another. Over the years, we have established a track record of pushing selected Goals forward, through innovation and entrepreneurship. 


Entrepreneurship as a sustainable career option (SDG 1, SDG8, SDG10)

We encourage students to explore entrepreneurship as an interesting and viable alternative to employment, and to use this opportunity to drive change and impact in the areas that they delve into. Over the years, Lingnan University has established various funding to provide financial support to start their own businesses. This included the Startup Trial Fund and the Student Entrepreneurial Exploration Development Fund. The Graduate Support Fund was established during the Covid-19 pandemic to assist alumni whose employment was affected. Seeing a growing interest to embark on entrepreneurship, as well as the potential for business expansion for some startups, the Lingnan University Entrepreneurship Fund was established recently to allow access to a larger amount of funding.


Innovation and Impact through Entrepreneurship (SDG4, SDG9)

To ensure that our students uphold the mindset of entrepreneurship with a purpose, most funding support requires the applicants to demonstrate elements of innovation and impact in their business plans. To that end, the Innovation and Impact Fund was also established by the Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer (ORKT). Besides driving a more holistic education approach, this also encourages students as well as Faculty members to apply innovative research/knowledge outcomes for entrepreneurial pursuits.


Majority of the startups incubated in Lingnan University are for social good, including but not limited to:

  • Inclusive business
  • Inclusive education
  • Sustainability in lifestyle
  • Better living

A few examples of such startups are listed below. 


Humanitarian Technology: Innovation for Greater Good (SDG9, SDG17)

Besides entrepreneurship, LEI also takes the lead in the driving awareness and execution of humanitarian technology at the University. Through design thinking and participatory design, innovative inventions have been developed to address the needs of selected underserved segments of the community. This included:

The inventions are put to good use through partnership with various agencies, including Caritas, the Society for the Deaf, and the local governmental departments.

The worthiness of these inventions have been acknowledged through various awards over the years, including the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions and the iF Design Award


Selected Startups

  • Asaqua - Asaqua hopes to empower communities in need to harvest rainwater in constructive and cost-effective ways and to help prevent the spread of waterborne diseases, especially in Uganda. (SDG6)
  • Craft with Heart - Craft with heart is a social enterprise aims to upcycle the pallet into furniture then distribute it to the needy. They want to promote three messages, “Green”,” Service,” and “Connection”. (SDG12)
  • Gatherly - Gathlerly offers a wide range of online and offline workshops taught by talented retirees, such as a tie-dye workshop, leather workshop, guided tour, etc. In addition, they run an online store selling different handmade products made by their talented retirees. (SDG1)
  • Here4youevents - Hereforyouevents is co-founded by two ethnic minority (EM) students at Lingnan University. The target market for Hereforyouevents is ethnic minorities, such as Pakistanis, Indians, Nepalese, Filipinos, and Bangladeshis. Since there is an inadequate number of event organizers for ethnic minorities in Hong Kong,  Hereforyouevents would like to target these groups and allow them to experience and preserve their traditional cultures while celebrating their special days. (SDG10)
  • HobbyHK - HobbyHK is a youth education organization that aims to be an agent of change in students' lives, challenging the strict profit and target-oriented world which they live in today. They engage students with passionate teaching in order to nurture their reasoning abilities, curiosity, and empathy towards society and the natural environment. Courses offered include astronomy, ecology, life education, art, and artistry, etc. (SDG8)
  • iRetireeHK - iReitreeHK is the app targeting the mental health of retirees (60-75 years old), which helps them to re-find their value in society through providing psychosocial support and hence promote active ageing. The R&D team hopes that through iRetiree's website and application, the social participation of the young and old generation can be maintained and the sense of connection can be enhanced. Their ultimate goal is to help elderly find their social value again, and to brighten them every day. (SDG10)
  • REhome - REhome is co-founded by Jackie Ng (Political Science) and Toby To (China and Asia Pacific Studies). It is a social enterprise offering household renovation, repair and pest control services to grassroots households and the elderly in Tin Shui Wai district to improve their quality of life and wellbeing. The company also hires retired workers to train youth with limited educational backgrounds, as well as rehabilitated offenders who need skills and experience to improve their employability. (SDG3)
  • SENmily - Senmily HK is dedicated to serving children with special educational needs and their parents in Hong Kong. They aim to establish a mutual-help community by providing diversified educational and networking programs to these under-resourced families in strengthening family bonds. With the envision to cultivate an inclusive society, they strive to provide equal opportunities for children with special educational needs and their parents to achieve personal growth and social participation, as well as to provide volunteer opportunities for the public to participate. They believe a more harmonious society could be built through active community involvement. (SDG4)
  • StoreTruck - Store Truck 611 is a start-up that aims to promote Zero Hunger and Good Health & Well-being. They offers micro-green pots & seeds for packaged sales via online platforms. The plants are all editable vegetables or herbs. Micro-green pots will be printed out via 3D printer. (SDG2)