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Greater Bay Area Exposure (Summer)

The Greater Bay Area (GBA) of China is known for its significant contributions to innovation and entrepreneurship in Asia. It is a hub for high-tech industries, including biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Many successful startups and companies were founded in this area. 

To provide students with opportunities to learn, share and exchange knowledge on innovations and entrepreneurship in GBA, LEI partners with the Guangdong University of Technology to organise a study tour, where students from the two universities as well as City University of Macau get to spend time in Hong Kong and Guangzhou for visits and exchanges. Among others, the students visited the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park and Cyberport to understand the development of I&E in Hong Kong, Tencent and GAC Group in Guangzhou to learn about the innovative offerings by these companies, as well as Dream Impact in Hong Kong to learn about the social entrepreneurship landscape of Hong Kong.

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