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Project Ultra Violite: Rapid disinfection service for subdivided units

During the Covid-19 pandemic, LEI activated its emergency solutions and services network to support the city's fight against Covid-19. Project Ultra Violite brought together engineers, doctors, and social workers to develop a reliable ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technology and provided free disinfection services for identified households. 
Funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund, LEI, together with HKU's Department of Social Work and Social Administration, Caritas Youth and Community Service, as well as Health In Action jointly provided free and efficient UV disinfection services for more than 1,000 subdivided units, aimed to prevent virus spread, as well as to reduce risk of household infections and community outbreaks.

Project notes

  • Scientific research proves that UV light can effectively kill 95% of viruses, bacteria and fungi in the radiation range, preventing the spread of pathogens through the air and surface contact. The UV disinfection lamp typically used in a biological science laboratory was identified for the project's blueprint for technological innovation. The end product was an autonomous UV-C disinfection robot that has the same sterilisation efficiency, but is lightweight, mobile and equipped with an intelligent sensor as well as remote control to ensure the safety of the operator and residents. 
  • The robot allowed a thorough disinfection of a 400-square foot area in 10 minutes, more effective and 5 times faster than manual disinfection with 1:99 diluted bleach. 
  • All volunteers had to complete the technical and hygiene training under the guidance of professional engineers and practicing doctors before operating the relevant devices for household disinfection. 
  • The process and effectiveness of the Project were monitored and evaluated by researchers from University of Hong Kong. 





Media coverage


Lingnan University in Hong Kong develops autonomous UV-C disinfection robot providing effective and efficient sanitisation for large indoor establishments

Cision PR Newswire


嶺大研智能紫外光消毒機械人 可測繪清潔路線

Sing Tao


嶺大研智能紫外線消毒機械人   全自動清毒課室僅需10分鐘



嶺大研發智能紫外光消毒機械人 10 分鐘消毒 400 呎地方



嶺大研智能紫外光消毒機械人 10分鐘自動消毒400方呎課室



嶺大研紫外光消毒機械人 室內場所消毒快人手5倍



嶺大研發智能紫外光消毒機械人 可測繪清潔路線

Bastille Post


嶺大研發智能紫外光消毒機械人 10分鐘完成400呎空間消毒


Lingnan uni, volunteers disinfect subdivided units using UV light

The Standard