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Lingnan University Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps Officer Trainee Programme

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Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps No.607 Squadron 

Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps No.607 Squadron Officer Trainee Programme

香港航空青年團 (為註冊慈善團體、民政事務局資助機構及公益金會員,現有學員3,263人及成年團員1,588人,於一九七一年由一群熱愛飛行運動人士共同創立,以紀律性的編制和訓練,為香港青少年提供有益身心的課餘活動,建立其自信心、培育其責任感、並且發揮其潛能,使他們成為優良的領袖及愛國愛港公民。 Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps ( is a uniformed group under the policy aegis of the Home Affairs Bureau. A registered charitable body and a member organization of the Hong Kong Community Chest, we offer quality aviation education programmes to prepare young people for possible future service in the local Aviation Industry, thereby contributing to the economic well-being of Hong Kong. With strong support from the Aviation Industry, the community at large, and our strategic partner, the Hong Kong Aviation Club, we are currently providing our 3,263 cadets and 1,588 adult members:




An Officer Trainee (OT) is a member of a University Squadron or University Flight undergoing training to become Commissioned Officers. An Officer Trainee must be be older than 17 years on joining and younger than 24 years old on graduation, and a full time students enrolled in the institution which operates a University Squadron/Flight, with at least two years before graduation.

訓練 Training

訓練年期:2年 (2019年9月至2021年6月)

長官學員訓練內容 Training Content

  • 飛行體驗
  • 國際航空學員交流計劃
  • 做個飛機師計劃
  • 外訪其它團體或機構
  • 遠足、露營
  • 游繩下降
  • 野外定向追蹤
  • 實彈射擊
  • 運動比賽
  • 步操比賽
  • 龍舟比賽
  • 週年大型檢閱

學員分享 Members Sharing

「有幸成為嶺大長官學員,令我體驗到原來我的生活不僅僅是為了學習和工作,更是為了挑戰自我!」 - Sharon Yuen
「Air Cadet 定期的集訓及野外訓練,如宿營、行山等,不但增加了團員之間的交流,更學懂了不少知識,對於個人的體能和意志的鍛練更有幫助!」- Hei Tse

公民參與 Civic Engagement
Training Hours:
Practicum Hours:
Service Target: The Public
Service Nature: Manual labour work