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A mentorship programme designed for LU alumni and students who possess genuine interest and desire in community services sector and/or establishing social enterprises


  1. Through this platform, alumni and current students, who have genuine interest and desire in contributing himself/herself in the community services sector and/or contributing oneself’s effort in making the world a better place, can be gathered
  2. Through provision of training and manpower support, it is hoped that ANCHOR can help support and sustain the projects/programmes/organizations which are set up/going to be set up by our alumni
  3. By participating in various community services opportunities and/or internships, it is hoped that the interest and desire of current students in the community services and related sector can be boosted
  4. By mingling with alumni, it is hoped that the leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities of current students can be polished

WHO could join ANCHOR?

  • Full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students of all years
  • Lingnan alumni of all years
  • Enthusiastic in serving the community

 WHO are suitable to join ANCHOR?

  • Current students and alumni who are enthusiastic and have a keen interest in serving the community
  • Current students and alumni who are interested to receive training and latest information about community services sector and/or social enterprises 
  • Current students who possess an interest in the community service sector and/or a desire to set up social enterprises in the future
  • Alumni who are currently working in the community services sector and/or running social enterprises
  • Alumni who possess an interest in engaging our current students in his/her social enterprises and/or sector by providing voluntary services and/or internship opportunities

Global_preneurship Programme

Global_preneurship Programme is a “training cum internship” programme organized by G10 Incubator and is most ideal for members of ANCHOR.  The first stage of the programme will be implemented in summer 2021 and is suitable for students of diverse background.  The programme encompasses various cores with an aim to enable students' understanding about the global business world so as to acquire practical knowledge in technology, and skills training for both entrepreneurship and career development in future.

You are most welcome to apply! To learn more and to apply, please click here.