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Student Hostel

Hostel Application

Important Dates/ Information:
1. Residential Term One 2022/23: 27 August 2022 (Sat) to 5 January 2023 (Thu)

2. Residential Term Two 2022/23: 6 January 2023 (Fri) to 19 May 2023 (Fri)

3. Application for Summer Hostel 2023 (will be launched in around mid-April)


Point I: Special Requirement for COVID-19 Vaccination and Additional Rules during Pandemic (for 2022/23)

Hostel residents should fulfill the latest Vaccine Pass requirements as required by the Government of HKSAR, the University and the student hostels. With effective from 31 May 2022, all hostel residents should have received the third dose, except students with COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Certificate. Residents who fail to comply with the requirement will be barred from entering hostels until the requirement is fulfilled and confirmed by the University. Residents who are found not fulfilling the requirement will be subject to disciplinary actions. The University will periodically review this special requirement and may revise the requirement according to the situation. In addition, students who have recently arrived Hong Kong and are required by HKSAR to quarantine should arrange their own off-campus accommodation for Compulsory Quarantine before they can be permitted access to the campus/hostels. Hostel residents should also strictly comply the anti-epidemic measures according to the pandemic situation, including but not limited to mandatory mask-wearing requirement, tightening of group gathering and social distancing measures in student hostel areas, and to reallocate the room assignment and setup floors for isolation or other purposes related to health and safety.


Point II: Additional Rules and Updated on Hostel Arrangements (updated on 30 Dec 2022)

Following the Government’s latest relaxation of COVID measures dated 29 December 2022, please note the updated arrangements for student hostels agreed by the ten Wardens:

  1. Residents will no longer be required to show the vaccine pass. On the other hand, residents who wish to bring non-Lingnan visitors into the student hostels should remind the visitors to show their vaccine pass to the security guard when registering to enter the student hostels.
  2. The mandatory mask-wearing requirement will remain in force. All residents must wear a face mask (supplied by themselves) at all times in the public areas of student hostels.
  3. Participants of group gatherings are required to wear face masks at all times.
  4. The University has designated some potential isolation floors for contingency.

Residents who violates the requirements is subject to disciplinary actions. The above arrangements aim to protect the health and safety of the hostel community. Your kind understanding and cooperation will be much appreciated. Wish you good health and a restful term break.


  1. Hostel residents should fulfill the latest vaccination requirement, with effective from 31 May 2022, all hostel residents in general (except certain special groups with medical exemption certificates) will need to have received the third dose.
  2. (for new student) Collect your Student. I.D. Card at the Registry during office hour. Office hour of Registry: Mondays to Fridays: 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.; 1:30 p.m. to 5:36 p.m. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. 
  3. Visit the security counter of your assigned hostel block. You should check in between 07:00 and 23:00.
  4. Please present your Lingnan University Student Identity Card (SID card) to the security officer for your hostel check-in. You can also present your hostel room number shows on LU Mobile App to them.
  5. The security officer will process your hostel check-in and issue the hostel room key/ keycard to you. Please check carefully and confirm the hostel room key is the original key and with the correct room number at the security counter. Please also confirm that there are no physical damages to the key/keycard before you leave the security counter.

  1. Check-out is completed at the Security Counter in hostel. Student must complete the check-out between 0700 to 2300, except for the last day of the residential term (by 1200 noon). The University will impose late check-out penalty (HK$100/ day) and lost of room key penalty (HK$100) if student is not able to complete the hostel check-out by 1200 noon on 20 May 2022. There is no hostel fee refund even if student move-out before the last residential date. 
  2. Make sure all facilities (power extension cord, remote control, drawer key, etc.) and furniture (bed, chair, wardrobe, mattress etc.) of your room are in order and same as its original setting.
  3. Switch off all electrical appliance (e.g. air conditioner, fan etc.) in the room.
  4. Present your Student ID Card and return the completed clearance form with the correct and original room key (with LU print) or key card to the Security Counter.
  5. Students who have completed the check-out procedures will not be allowed to return to the hostel room again. The access right to the hostel will be immediately deactivated after completion of check-out procedure.

Hostel Fee Payment Methods:


Application Details Date 

Application Forms and Guidelines for Hostel Rooms Swapping  (Term 2, 2022 – 23)  PDFLock

16 Jan 2023

Application for Withdrawal from Hostel Residence for Term Two 2022/23 PDFLock

Online application period from 1 to 11 Nov 2022

31 Oct 2022
Application Result of Swapping of Hostel Room (Term 1, 2022 - 23) 23 September 2022

Application Forms and Guidelines for Hostel Rooms Swapping  (Term 1, 2022 – 23)  

9 September 2022
Important Notes on Student Hostels Check-out 2021-22 29 April 2022

Application for Student Hostel 2022/23 PDF Lock

For all Current UGC Funded Undergraduate (UG) and Research Postgraduate (RPg) Full-time students 

14 April 2022

Application for Summer Hostels 2022

13 April 2022

Note to Hostel Resident with Regular Test Requirement

As the Government announced on 25 Feb 2022 and accepted the rapid antigen tests (RAT) result in various scenarios, the Health, Safety and Environment Committee (HSEC) and ten Wardens agreed that hostel residents could upload RAT negative test result every 3 days as official proof. Please be reminded to write your Student I.D. number and test date on the RAT kit, and submit the photo of test result with your Student I.D. card next to it together as a proof. It is subject to disciplinary actions if you provide false documents.

28 Feb 2022

Note to All Hostel Residents 

In light of the increase in hostel withdrawals, we have simplified the Hostel Withdrawal Procedures to speed up the process by allowing those who decided to withdraw from the hostel to complete and submit the online form without the approval from the Warden. The Office of Student Affairs will arrange the move-out and follow up with pro-rata refund. Those who are staying in the hostels should stay on high alert, maintain good personal hygiene, stay on campus and avoid gatherings with hall mates. They may be requested to move to a different hostel/room.

28 Feb 2022
Application for Withdrawal from Residence in Term Two 2021/22 PDFLock 2 Nov 2021